Changes That Facebook Has Made To People's Way Of Life

Changes That Facebook Has Made To People's Way Of Life

Josh Fishy

Before the onset of social networking sites, people usually had to get in touch with their loved ones through text or call. But when social media came into existence, a lot have changed.

One of those that has significantly altered the lives of people is Facebook. It's popularity is so immense that what were once considered as customary are now things of the past.

facebook logo

Do you think Facebook has made any changes in your day to day activity? This list shows you some of them.

If one has an ill feeling towards another person, he usually turns to facebook to air his resentment.

Altercation seldom happens in this day and age because of social media. People pretend that they have no hard feelings about their boss or colleagues, but on facebook they air everything out. Although names might not be mentioned, netizens won’t stop until they come to know who is meant.

Photos are no longer kept in a photo album for facebook does the job much better.

Gone are the days when people keep their highly prized photos in an album. These photos after a year or two start to fade away which render them useless overtime. Digital photos saved in a storage such as flash drives are not also safe from losing them all. On facebook, however, we could be sure that our every captured moment will last a lifetime and beyond.

People take photos after photos during an occasion mainly because of facebook.

Everyone seems to be obsessed with taking pictures of whatever suits their fancy - from an important event of one’s life to typical everyday happenings. All these go to facebook to be shared with friends and the rest of the world. Without facebook, most likely people wouldn’t mind about taking selfies or groupies every now and then.

In the old days, finding and making friends took time and effort, but today it’s just a click away.

On facebook, finding long lost friends or making new ones won’t cost you anything except for internet data. In the past, your circle of friends could only be more or less ten persons, but today having several thousand is possible. Most of them, however, are neither your friends nor your acquaintances in real sense.

Gossips had wings that they reached far and wide, but these days they could get to places much farther than that.

When something is worth posting and sharing on facebook, it spreads with great speed to an enormous number of people. So everyone nowadays usually learn the latest news, rumors, scandals, or the like on this one of the world’s most renowned social networking site.

Tips To Choose The Right Person To Take Charge Of A Government

Tips To Choose The Right Person To Take Charge Of Running A Government
Josh Fishy | 01-12-2016

Whether we like it or not, politics is a part of our lives. We can hardly be well-off without it because even in places where it isn't recognized, having someone to take the lead is of vital importance to move forward as a group.

In one way or another, having the chance to get involved in politics is both a privilege and a responsibility considering that politicians hold the future of a nation that the moment they do their job terribly, its impact on the people living not only within its border but also on those in neighboring countries can be felt immediately.

please vote wisely

We all know how to figure out a right candidate with whom we entrust the responsibility to take charge of governing the nation. But time and again, the electorate should be reminded what every candidate for any elective government position should do. Hopefully, the list below could help open our eyes.

Doesn’t buy votes

Be it in cash or in kind, vote buying seems to be the order of the day come an election period. In developing countries, this activity is rampant that people look forward to the scantly amount coming from local candidates. And once they are in the position, let’s expect them to get back what has been given away during the campaign period.

Doesn’t spend his millions

Though we know the reasons, we can’t help but wonder why politicians have to dish out millions of money when running for a certain position in the government. We all are aware that even a president isn’t receiving the highest salary in the land. Relying alone on what he gets monthly, this most powerful person in a country doesn’t become a millionaire after his term is over. If a candidate is found to be overspending during election campaign, we should start to doubt his credibility.

Isn’t backed by businessmen

A businessman may have personal hidden agenda once he backs a person’s candidacy. Having a government official as a friend certainly put his business in favorable condition. And instead of having healthy competition among establishments and being able to use the resources fair and square, only a government official’s ally will be able to gain control over them.

Avoids mudslinging his opponents

Accusing and insulting opponents during elections is a strategy most politicians are inclined to do in order to win the heart of the masses. But this drama only creates a vicious cycle that nobody would emerge a hero at the end of the day. Being this desperate to win only shows the candidate’s personality which is unprofessional and unbecoming for anyone to be at the helm.

Heeds the orders of the election body

An election commission has to come up with a set of rules to guide candidates for proper, honest, and peaceful polls. But nine times out of ten candidates as well as their supporters fail to respect the body’s directives. Common violations committed are overspending and early electioneering. If they can’t follow rules from the start, then they can’t be expected to do so till their term is up.

Why You Should Take The Responsibility For Looking After Your Elderly Parents

Why You Should Take The Responsibility For Looking After Your Elderly Parents
Josh Fishy | 01-08-2016

You'll never know how tough the role of a parent is until you become one. While having a kid or two is a blessing other hopefuls are deprived of, parenting is definitely not a piece of cake. In one way or another, it is always accompanied by a myriad of problems.

Parents want their children to grow as better persons. For this reason, they have to be good role models to their growing kids. On top of that, they have to impose certain house rules so that their wishes become realities.

Honor thy father and thy mother.

Despite the hardships that parents had to bring under control during their heydays, grown-ups sometimes fail to look after them. One's past their prime, parents can hardly attend to their own needs so that they have to have a paid helper to keep them safe and provided for if their children can't do the job for some acceptable reasons. In some cases, they are sent to a nursing home.

But taking the responsibility for looking after our elderly parents is one of the best things we can do in return for their sufferings back when we were young. The following tells us why.

They’re your parents and you’re responsible for them.

One good turn deserves another. When you were infant, your parents seemed to move heaven and earth to keep you safe and to get you grow healthily. What’s more, they saw to it that you would learn to stand on your own feet in your teenage years. Therefore, when they’re up in years, it’s only fitting to switch roles.

Children will likely look after you in your dotage.

How would it feel like to be left alone while reaching out for your children to care for you, but to no avail? Most likely, you’d rather want to go. If you do a good turn to your elderly parents, chances are that your children will look after you in the winter of your life.

Your caring hands differ a lot from a paid helper.

The love and care you can give to your parents are unparalleled. Caregivers in nursing homes do their job because they are paid, otherwise they won’t be there to extend their helping hands. But even if you’re hard at work, doing your parents a favor when you’re free is more than enough. In all likelihood, your ailing parents are looking for it because even your mere presence matters to them a lot.

There’s an inexplicable joy in caring for them.

When coming to an aid of other people, we always instantly get something in return. It’s not in a form of cash, but it’s a feeling that no amount of money can buy. If doing it to people you don’t know feels so good, you will be more than happy when giving it to your parents.

Doing so lengthens your life.

This may sound ridiculous to some, but for those who believe in the Bible, this is for you. The Holy Book says honor your father and mother for it lengthens your life. The word honor is so broad that we don’t exactly know what to do. But whatever it is, attending to the needs of your elderly parents or taking the responsibility for looking after them means showing the honor they deserve.

Counterfeit Products Thay You Likely Own

Counterfeit Products That You Likely Own
Josh Fishy | 01-07-2016

The first thing we usually take into account when shopping is the price. When buying clothes, for example, we seem to make a habit of checking its price tag before sifting through the quality.

More often than not, however, items that are cheap give us headache after a few days of using so that we rather throw them away than keep them in sight.

no to counterfeiting

Sad to say, there are shoppers who don't want to ruin their budget by opting for products that are not only dirt cheap but also counterfeit. And if you're one of them, you likely own one or more of these counterfeit products listed below.

DVDs and CDs

In developing countries, pirated DVDs and CDs are rampant. They are sold at roadside stalls in cities and public markets in towns. And despite the laws that prohibit the selling and buying of these sort of products, the business is still going very well. One of the reasons why consumers patronize piracy is that original DVDs and CDs cost an arm and a leg, whereas pirated ones are sold at less than half the price.


Bearing the names of the world’s most renowned brands of sport shoes, sneakers, sandals, and the like, these different types of counterfeit footwear are in demand among low-income individuals. However, unlike the authentic ones, they are considered throwaway items after a few days of use. To get the value for your money, buying these stuff from authorized shops is always the best thing to do.


People who love to wear branded wristwatches, yet can’t afford to buy one are likely to go for the counterfeit. While the appearance and features of these fake brands of watches do not vary a lot from the original, the overall quality is no match to those that come from the real manufacturers.


Green with envy because others own Louis Vuitton handbag? Check it out first if they’re authentic before draining your savings account. Original branded handbags literally cost a fortune and seeing your friends, who are only minimum wage earners or a little higher, carrying one is too good to be true. What’s more, getting hold of a counterfeit brand of any of the world’s expensive handbags still costs the earth.

Computers and Accessories

In this day and age, a person is behind the times if he doesn't own a computer. But who isn't ahead of his time these days if all sorts of computers are found throughout the land? The rich and the poor alike own this technology. The former own the much sophisticated gadgets, while the latter own the lesser ones. Every so often, people unknowingly buy a computer or its accessories that are counterfeit.

Beauty Products

Due to the tight competition in the market today, businessmen have to copy other manufacturer’s products and their brand rather than creating their own unique piece of article. Beauty products are no escape. Best perfume brands in the world, for instance, can be bought at a lower price and at a lower quality as well. This is because counterfeit scents can be acquired in malls, stalls, or at online stores worldwide.

How AlDub Wins The Heart Of The Masses

How AlDub Wins The Heart Of The Masses
Josh Fishy | 01-05-2016

We know several love teams on TV that younger generations are so crazy about. But in 2015, a wonderful pair rose to fame captivating people from different walks of life and to some extent bringing other fictional couples to their knees including those who have made names for themselves in the showbiz industry.

AlDub, which stands for Alden Richards and Yaya Dub or Maine Mendoza who took YouTube by storm with her Dubsmash videos, is a phenomenal pairing that has made waves on social media and television.

Most tweeted AlDub hashtags

Since AlDub came into being, twitter has been flooded with tweets regarding the couple so that one of its hashtags sets a record as one of the most tweeted of all time. And when the movie "My Pabebe Love", which features this wonderful couple, had been out in theaters, their fans filled the movie houses to capacity.

These are just some of what the AlDub fanatics can do in the name of their admired supercouple. This love team doesn't only make waves in the Philippines but also create a significant impression to people beyond the country's border.

Owing to the pair's popularity, it's only fitting to know how they win the heart of the millions.

Their Personality

On top of his looks and self-confidence, Alden is an unassuming and kindly man - the qualities ladies want their guy should possess. Likewise, Maine is a very down-to-earth. And despite her instant celebrity status, she keeps her feet firmly on the ground. On and off the camera, this lovely couple embodies the values Filipinos are trying to preserve.

The Fictional Love Story

The Cinderella-like courtship between Alden and Yaya Dub is a love story people are so familiar of either in fiction or reality, yet something they aren’t sick and tired of watching. Everyone is faced with difficulties that seeing drama series brimming with existential angst and a taint of criminality is no longer entertaining. But every minute of watching Kalyeserye certainly brings a smile on one’s face apart from the kilig factor that is hard to get over.

The Noontime Show

Eat Bulaga! is as old as the mountain, yet it remains as fascinating as ever. For almost four decades giving entertainment to people, this longest running noontime variety show in the Philippines has produced a lot of big names in the industry such as Aiza Seguerra, Jericho Rosales, Michael V. to name a few. Being a part of it, without doubt this newest sought-after pair to date is going to stay in the limelight for years to come.

Social Media’s Pervasiveness

Social networking sites have laid bare every hole and corner of topics netizens want to share so that whatever worth knowing this day will spread like wildfire reaching every Tom, Dick, and Harry who as well keeps in touch with the virtual community. Through social media, a person’s quality of being good or a segment is in a flash made known such is the case of the couple Alden and Yaya Dub and the segment Kalyeserye.

People’s Reception

While there are AlDub-bashers who keep trying to pull the love team down and lace into its supporters, millions also join hands and stand up for Alden and Yaya Dub. The more people keep on nitpicking the pair and Kalyeserye, the more they get popular in the process.

Violence on TV could have Negative Impact on Viewers

Violence on TV could have Negative Impact on Viewers
Josh Fishy 11/21/2015

Was there a time, while sitting in front of your TV watching your favorite drama series, you were pissed off when the leading character was beaten or the villain has evil plans against him that he wasn't aware of?

If a scene of this sort affects your behavior, you may carry it over into your dealings with other people in a negative way. That is why TV or even radio stations have to be on the look out for sensitive, harmful, and violent words or segments in their programs.

Although censored, any act of violence such us planning for a murder or committing as such even without clearly showing it on screen would still leave a bad impression on everyone watching, be it an adult or a kid.

Did you want to hit the character who assaulted the protagonist if you were just there when the scene transpired? Then beware, because you may do it to anyone who did you wrong.

No wonder a lot of people are easily enraged today because of the brimming media cruelty (real or made-up) that are seen every day. While experts are divided whether or not violence on TV, radio, or internet could negatively affect someone's behavior, the government must do something about it.

It has been said that no two persons are the same, and so each of us may experience different repercussions of any violence we set our eyes on.

Classes aren't suspended, yet schools are less than half empty

Classes aren't suspended, yet schools are less than half empty

by Josh Fishy - 11/02/2015

While the Roman Catholics are as busy as a bee paying homage to the dead today November 2, classes and office works are going on. But in public schools throughout the country, most students are nowhere in sight.

In one of the public schools in Bohol, only around 10% of its student population are in attendance. And since more than half are absent, teachers can't hold their classes with only less than 5 students around.

One of the reasons why students can't make it to school today is that they are used to commemorate All Souls Day while classes are suspended.

According to Michael, a grade 9 student, that nobody wants to go to school today because it has been expected that classes are irregular. He added that November 2 is supposed to be a non-working holiday because All Souls Day celebration is a part of our culture and tradition, especially for the Catholics.

On the other hand, teachers are still happy because they don't have to hold a make up class on a Saturday. In schools, if a holiday is not on the list of holidays in the school calendar, a Saturday class will be conducted.

To make their time not to go down the drain, teachers have to do their paperworks like preparing the students' report cards which are due to be released next week.

Meanwhile, Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Cardinal Quevedo said that November 2 should have been declared holiday because it is the appropriate day to remember our deceased loved ones, and that making All Souls Day a working holiday would send a wrong message to Catholics.