Tips To Choose The Right Person To Take Charge Of A Government

Tips To Choose The Right Person To Take Charge Of Running A Government
Josh Fishy | 01-12-2016

Whether we like it or not, politics is a part of our lives. We can hardly be well-off without it because even in places where it isn't recognized, having someone to take the lead is of vital importance to move forward as a group.

In one way or another, having the chance to get involved in politics is both a privilege and a responsibility considering that politicians hold the future of a nation that the moment they do their job terribly, its impact on the people living not only within its border but also on those in neighboring countries can be felt immediately.

please vote wisely

We all know how to figure out a right candidate with whom we entrust the responsibility to take charge of governing the nation. But time and again, the electorate should be reminded what every candidate for any elective government position should do. Hopefully, the list below could help open our eyes.

Doesn’t buy votes

Be it in cash or in kind, vote buying seems to be the order of the day come an election period. In developing countries, this activity is rampant that people look forward to the scantly amount coming from local candidates. And once they are in the position, let’s expect them to get back what has been given away during the campaign period.

Doesn’t spend his millions

Though we know the reasons, we can’t help but wonder why politicians have to dish out millions of money when running for a certain position in the government. We all are aware that even a president isn’t receiving the highest salary in the land. Relying alone on what he gets monthly, this most powerful person in a country doesn’t become a millionaire after his term is over. If a candidate is found to be overspending during election campaign, we should start to doubt his credibility.

Isn’t backed by businessmen

A businessman may have personal hidden agenda once he backs a person’s candidacy. Having a government official as a friend certainly put his business in favorable condition. And instead of having healthy competition among establishments and being able to use the resources fair and square, only a government official’s ally will be able to gain control over them.

Avoids mudslinging his opponents

Accusing and insulting opponents during elections is a strategy most politicians are inclined to do in order to win the heart of the masses. But this drama only creates a vicious cycle that nobody would emerge a hero at the end of the day. Being this desperate to win only shows the candidate’s personality which is unprofessional and unbecoming for anyone to be at the helm.

Heeds the orders of the election body

An election commission has to come up with a set of rules to guide candidates for proper, honest, and peaceful polls. But nine times out of ten candidates as well as their supporters fail to respect the body’s directives. Common violations committed are overspending and early electioneering. If they can’t follow rules from the start, then they can’t be expected to do so till their term is up.


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