Oratorical Piece About Education - Those Were The Days

Oratorical Piece About Education - Those Were The Days

Writing an oratorical piece is definitely no sweat. It takes time, patience, and writing prowess to come up with a sterling composition. Besides, one's oratorical piece could also make a difference to both the audience and the panel of judges on top of the speaker's performance.

sample of oration piece on education
Owing to the number of people looking for samples of an oratorical piece, it came to my mind to create my own "masterpiece" to share with the world. On this post, may I focus the topic on education as it is very crucial to human development, survival, and life in general.

I would like to give this oratorical piece the title "Those Were The Days". This heading per se conveys the kind of students the world once had who are rarely to be seen in this day and age. Without much ado, allow me to share my ideas on a specific aspect of education.

Those Were The Days

I can't imagine how my life would be without my parents sending me to school. For sure, I wound not have learned how to read and write and I would not have met all my needs and the comforts of life.

I am Jason Holmes and I dare say that getting a good education is of the utmost importance for without proper education, we are not getting anywhere. Without proper education, we are like animals that are at the mercy of the forces of nature. And without proper education, we could do nothing but let fate decide our future.

Looking back on the days when students were on the edge of their seats to learn new ideas and discover new things, I can't help but feeling nostalgic. But friends, ladies and gentlemen it's sad to note that those were the days and today is a whole lot different.

These days, something is amiss. Our education standard is going downhill. Most students no longer appreciate the value of education that much... TO BE CONTINUED.


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