Counterfeit Products Thay You Likely Own

Counterfeit Products That You Likely Own
Josh Fishy | 01-07-2016

The first thing we usually take into account when shopping is the price. When buying clothes, for example, we seem to make a habit of checking its price tag before sifting through the quality.

More often than not, however, items that are cheap give us headache after a few days of using so that we rather throw them away than keep them in sight.

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Sad to say, there are shoppers who don't want to ruin their budget by opting for products that are not only dirt cheap but also counterfeit. And if you're one of them, you likely own one or more of these counterfeit products listed below.

DVDs and CDs

In developing countries, pirated DVDs and CDs are rampant. They are sold at roadside stalls in cities and public markets in towns. And despite the laws that prohibit the selling and buying of these sort of products, the business is still going very well. One of the reasons why consumers patronize piracy is that original DVDs and CDs cost an arm and a leg, whereas pirated ones are sold at less than half the price.


Bearing the names of the world’s most renowned brands of sport shoes, sneakers, sandals, and the like, these different types of counterfeit footwear are in demand among low-income individuals. However, unlike the authentic ones, they are considered throwaway items after a few days of use. To get the value for your money, buying these stuff from authorized shops is always the best thing to do.


People who love to wear branded wristwatches, yet can’t afford to buy one are likely to go for the counterfeit. While the appearance and features of these fake brands of watches do not vary a lot from the original, the overall quality is no match to those that come from the real manufacturers.


Green with envy because others own Louis Vuitton handbag? Check it out first if they’re authentic before draining your savings account. Original branded handbags literally cost a fortune and seeing your friends, who are only minimum wage earners or a little higher, carrying one is too good to be true. What’s more, getting hold of a counterfeit brand of any of the world’s expensive handbags still costs the earth.

Computers and Accessories

In this day and age, a person is behind the times if he doesn't own a computer. But who isn't ahead of his time these days if all sorts of computers are found throughout the land? The rich and the poor alike own this technology. The former own the much sophisticated gadgets, while the latter own the lesser ones. Every so often, people unknowingly buy a computer or its accessories that are counterfeit.

Beauty Products

Due to the tight competition in the market today, businessmen have to copy other manufacturer’s products and their brand rather than creating their own unique piece of article. Beauty products are no escape. Best perfume brands in the world, for instance, can be bought at a lower price and at a lower quality as well. This is because counterfeit scents can be acquired in malls, stalls, or at online stores worldwide.


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