Encantadia vs Ang Probinsyano

Encantadia vs Ang Probinsyano

People are driven apart by the two of the most watched teleseryes in the Philippines, Encantadia of GMA 7 and FPJ's Ang Probinsyano of ABS-CBN. According to a certain market research firm Encantadia leads the rating, but for another research group Ang Probinsyano takes the lead.

Encantadia vs Ang Probinsyano
The pictures are properties of their respective tv shows and tv networks. 

It's quite hard to determine who is leading and who is falling behind because a small portion could not represent the whole. Research institutions in the Philippines are only eliciting opinions or answers from a few hundreds of people and imagine there are millions of Filipinos out there. It is just like a survey during elections, sometimes the numbers turn out correct and sometimes they don't.

Being a fan of the two TV programs, I could not take side in any of them. It's for the respective supporters to decide. However, I would like to give you their downsides and their upsides.

Encantadia vs Ang Probinsyano - which of the two do you love watching? I have my own perspectives in random order below.



  1. It gives women the morale that they can lead and fight against their opposite sex. While most teleseryes feature gentlemen as heroes, Encantadia highlights girl power. This goes to show that same thing can also happen in real world.
  2. Like any other teleseryes, Encantadia promotes Filipino values such as compassion, charity, bravery, patience, conservatism and a whole lot more. This is great for the youth nowadays who seem to lose some of the Filipino core values.
  1. Although this is part of our daily lives, violence is something that we can't do away with even when we want to relax. That is, the show which we are supposed to be entertained, stresses us out instead because of stabbing, slashing, and the like.
  2. Viewers of this teleserye are not only kids at heart but also real kids who are not supposed to be exposed to violence. While the scenes are not very strong for their age, the idea of killings per se can likely affect their behavior equally.
Ang Probinsyano

  1. It wakes people up to fight drugs and criminality. This is very timely for our country as we are facing the same problems which need good guys to fight the bad guys. In reality, however, the situation could be far worse.
  2. The show proves that there are remaining good policemen who are honest and loyal to their call of duty. This contradicts the mindset of some individuals who have lost their confidence in men in uniform.
  1. Violence is also a feature of this teleserye. Shooting, killings, etc. are the order of the day. Why not? This show involves policemen, so things like them can't be avoided. However, this shouldn't be the kind of program kids are watching.
  2. The story seems to exaggerate what might actually happen. There are scenes and incidences that are hard to imagine. The marksmanship and physical strength of Cardo are something that can only be found in superhero movies.
You can watch GMA 7's Encantadia for free on this link and ABS-CBN's FPJ's Ang Probinsyano for free here.

Can you think of other upsides and downsides of these two teleseryes? Please write in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting.


GSAT Channel list (as of March 13, 2017)

GSAT is one of the fastest growing satellite TV providers mainly because of its affordability and a good enough quality. It has several load denominations to choose from. For people who want to pay only 99 pesos a month, they can opt for GPinoy, this is only available for households with installed GPinoy box and they never have to option to buy bigger load for more channels. But if you bought HD GSAT box, you can choose either 200, 300, or 500 pesos worth of card valid for 30 days.

People are asking what channels are available in GSAT HD. For you convenience, i list them down below.

Channel 1 - GNN (Global News Network)
Channel 2 - ABS-CBN
Channel 3 - CNN Philippines
Channel 4 - PTV 4
Channel 5 - TV 5
Channel 6 - New TV
Channel 7 - GMA 7
Channel 8 - Sports + Action
Channel 9 - Net 25
Channel 10 - Aksyon TV
Channel 11 - Global Theater 1 (GPC)
Channel 12 - Global Theater 2 (Fox Filipino)
Channel 13 - Global Theater 3
Channel 14 - Global Theater 4 (Thrill)
Channel 15 - Global Theater 5 (CBC)
Channel 16 - Global Theater 6 (amc)
Channel 17 - Global Theater 7 (KIX)
Channel 18 - Global Theater 8 (sine)
Channel 19 - Telenovela Channel
Channel 20 - AFN Prime (currently unavailable due to some technical problem)
Channel 21 - CCTV9
Channel 22 - Discovery Science
Channel 23 - Animal Planet
Channel 24 - Nick Jr.
Channel 25 - Animax
Channel 26 - Aljazeera
Channel 27 - Fox News
Channel 28 - Pinoy Extreme
Channel 29 - ChannelV
Channel 30 - Knowledge Channel
Channel 31 - NHK World
Channel 32 - Arirang
Channel 33 - Hope Channel
Channel 34 - EWTN
Channel 35 - RHTV
Channel 36 - BTV
Channel 37 - Boomerang
Channel 38 - UNTV
Channel 39 - DW
Channel 40 - EuroNews
Channel 41 - Russia Today
Channel 42 - ETC
Channel 43 - Global Theater 9 (currently unavailable due to some technical problem)
Channel 44 - Global Theater 10 (Fox)
Channel 45 - Global Theater 11 (WB TV)
Channel 46 - Global Theater 12
Channel 47 - CNN International
Channel 48 - Channel News Asia
Channel 49 - Bloomberg
Channel 50 - France 24
Channel 51 - CGTN
Channel 52 - Rai Italia
Channel 53 - NGC
Channel 54 - History
Channel 55 - INC
Channel 56 - Living Asia
Channel 57 - Sony Channel
Channel 58 - Lifetime
Channel 59 - 2nd Avenue
Channel 60 - AXN
Channel 61 - Star World
Channel 62 - Jack TV
Channel 63 - Fox Sports 1
Channel 64 - Fox Sports 2
Channel 65 - Nickelodeon
Channel 66 - Cartoon Network
Channel 67 - TVE Spanish
Channel 68 - TV5 Monde
Channel 69 - Fox Family HD
Channel 70 - Outdoor HD
Channel 71 - Global Sports 1 HD
Channel 72 - Global Sports 2 HD
Channel 73 - Global Sports 3 HD
Channel 74 - Discovery HD
Channel 75 - NG Wild HD
Channel 76 - FOX Sports 1 HD
Channel 77 - Fox Sports 2 HD
Channel 78 - Fight Sports HD
Channel 79 - Golf HD
Channel 80 - Warner TV HD
Channel 81 - HBO HD
Channel 82 - Fox Premium HD
Channel 83 - Fox Action HD
Channel 84 - NHK HD
Channel 85 - TTV
Channel 86 - CTV
Channel 87 - FTV
Channel 88 - Formosa News
Channel 89 - EBC News
Channel 90 - ERA News
Channel 91 - TVBS
Channel 92 - CTI
Channel 93 - Phoenix
Channel 94 - Shanghai Oriental
Channel 95 - Hunan TV
Channel 96 - CCTV 4
Channel 97 - Global Theater 13
Channel 98 - Global Theater 14
Channel 99 - Global Theater 15
Channel 100 - Global Theater 16
Channel 101 - AM Radio - DZMM
Channel 102 - AM Radio - DZRH
Channel 103 - AM Radio - DWIZ
Channel 104 - AM Radio - DZRJ
Channel 105 - FM - Love Radio
Channel 106 - FM - Natural Love
Channel 107 - FM Radio - IFM
Channel 108 - GSAT - Jazz
Channel 109 - GSAT - Rock
Channel 110 - GSAT - Pop

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ABS-CBN Free Live Streaming

ABS-CBN Live Streaming

Do you want to watch ABS-CBN TV programs in real time? You have come to the right place. Watch ABS-CBN programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ABS-CBN has iwant tv but it is only available in the Philippines. So, Filipinos abroad don't have access to the latest news and other TV programs aired on the said TV network. To give them the chance to watch ABS-CBN live streaming, we give our fellow Filipinos this link.


ABS-CBN is a Filipino commercial broadcast television network that is the flagship property of ABS-CBN Corporation, a company under Lopez Group. The network is headquartered at the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center in Quezon City, with additional offices and production facilities in 25 major cities including Baguio, Naga, Cebu, and Davao. ABS-CBN is formally referred to as "The Kapamilya Network", Kapamilya is a Filipino term which means a member of a family, and was originally introduced in 2003 during the celebration of the 50th year anniversary of Philippine television. It is the largest television network in the country in terms of revenues, assets, and international coverage.

A lot of people are looking for a free ABS-CBN live streaming with no annoying ads. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are the top targets of free live TVs. There have been millions of websites out there which allow Filipinos abroad to watch Philippine TV programs replay for free. As these websites are illegal, respective owners of their videos could file a law suit against the blog publishers.

To redirect or steal internet traffic from these illegal sites, this page has been created. Astute bloggers worldwide are doing some tricky business to earn money from the hard work of other people. We all know that creating a video or TV program takes sweat, blood, and health on top of millions of money being spent. But a lot of publishers steal these videos and stream them in their sites. And they are not only earning centavos, but they make thousands of dollars a month. What they have been doing is so unfair to the creators of that video.

Giant networks in the Philippines have been suing these sites and a number of publishers have been arrested. However, until now a lot of sites still stream stolen videos. This is an outright piracy. There advertising network usually is Adsense which doesn't allow its ads to be shown on sites proliferating piracy. However, Adsense seems to be doing nothing, probably because of millions of money it can generate from the said sites. (News, C.Affairs, Entertainment - You can now watch what's showing on ABS-CBN through the iWant TV website and app!)

I know several site owners who have turned their lives from rags to riches because of uploading TV programs in their sites. They have bought houses and expensive cars. Truly unfair to ordinary citizens working very hard yet can barely buy their basic needs. ABS-CBN live, abs-cbn live streaming, abs-cbn free streaming. Watch it here.

How To Present An Oral Report Perfectly

Follow These Tips And Nail Your Oral Report

When you learn new information about a subject that interests you, you want to share it with others. Giving an oral report can be exciting. Your interest and enthusiasm can be "catching." Your audience's response can fuel your own enthusiasm.

how to nail an oral report

To be sure your oral report goes smoothly, practice ahead of time. If you practice in front of a mirror, you can check your posture and presentation. If you practice in front of friends or family, you can get a sense of how your audience will react.

Use the following guidelines when you make an oral report.
  • Your voice carries best when you stand tall - but not stiff. Feel free to shift your stance to stay comfortable.
  • Make eye contact with your listeners. As you speak, move your eyes from one person's face to the next.
  • Speak at a normal pace - or even a little slowly. Don't let nervousness make you rush.
  • Pause for a few seconds after each of your more important points. This lets listeners reflect on what you have said.

How To Write A Book Report

Sample Book Report and How to Write One

At times, students are required to write a book report by their English teacher. The task itself is very demanding especially if we don't know where to go from here after reading the lengthy story we have chosen.
How to make a book report
The dilemma comes when we sometimes mistakenly choose a book that doesn't interest us much that at the end of the day we don't only grow tired of reading but also we don't seem to get something out of the story at all. That is why the thing that we need to do before taking this challenge is to find a book that in some respects tickles our fancy.

After choosing the book to read and making sense of its content, we've got to do what are written below.
  1. Give the title and the author of the book
  2. State your general opinion about the book
    • Is the book exciting to read till the last page or is it boring that you don't want to finish reading it?
    • Is there a character that intrigues, fascinates, or interests you more than all the others in the story?
    • Is there a particular part of the book that is better than the rest?
    • Did you learn something from the book that you hadn't known before?
  3. Give reasons for the opinion you stated.
  4. Give your recommendations or suggestions for future readers.
Take a look at the sample book report below:

Yuletide Peril
Title of the Book

Irene Brand

Janice Reid - the heiress of her uncle's property, moved to Stanton from Willow Creek to claim it;
Brooke Reid - Janice's 11-year old sister;
John Reid - Janice's uncle who left his property to her;
Lance Gordon - a school principal who helps Janice cope up with her problems;
Atty. Santrock - the lawyer who handled the Janice's claim to her uncle's property, turned out to be the culprit of Janice's predicament;