Violence on TV could have Negative Impact on Viewers

Violence on TV could have Negative Impact on Viewers
Josh Fishy 11/21/2015

Was there a time, while sitting in front of your TV watching your favorite drama series, you were pissed off when the leading character was beaten or the villain has evil plans against him that he wasn't aware of?

If a scene of this sort affects your behavior, you may carry it over into your dealings with other people in a negative way. That is why TV or even radio stations have to be on the look out for sensitive, harmful, and violent words or segments in their programs.

Although censored, any act of violence such us planning for a murder or committing as such even without clearly showing it on screen would still leave a bad impression on everyone watching, be it an adult or a kid.

Did you want to hit the character who assaulted the protagonist if you were just there when the scene transpired? Then beware, because you may do it to anyone who did you wrong.

No wonder a lot of people are easily enraged today because of the brimming media cruelty (real or made-up) that are seen every day. While experts are divided whether or not violence on TV, radio, or internet could negatively affect someone's behavior, the government must do something about it.

It has been said that no two persons are the same, and so each of us may experience different repercussions of any violence we set our eyes on.

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  1. What I've been doing when I don't like the scene is I switch the channel or turn off the TV.