How AlDub Wins The Heart Of The Masses

How AlDub Wins The Heart Of The Masses
Josh Fishy | 01-05-2016

We know several love teams on TV that younger generations are so crazy about. But in 2015, a wonderful pair rose to fame captivating people from different walks of life and to some extent bringing other fictional couples to their knees including those who have made names for themselves in the showbiz industry.

AlDub, which stands for Alden Richards and Yaya Dub or Maine Mendoza who took YouTube by storm with her Dubsmash videos, is a phenomenal pairing that has made waves on social media and television.

Most tweeted AlDub hashtags

Since AlDub came into being, twitter has been flooded with tweets regarding the couple so that one of its hashtags sets a record as one of the most tweeted of all time. And when the movie "My Pabebe Love", which features this wonderful couple, had been out in theaters, their fans filled the movie houses to capacity.

These are just some of what the AlDub fanatics can do in the name of their admired supercouple. This love team doesn't only make waves in the Philippines but also create a significant impression to people beyond the country's border.

Owing to the pair's popularity, it's only fitting to know how they win the heart of the millions.

Their Personality

On top of his looks and self-confidence, Alden is an unassuming and kindly man - the qualities ladies want their guy should possess. Likewise, Maine is a very down-to-earth. And despite her instant celebrity status, she keeps her feet firmly on the ground. On and off the camera, this lovely couple embodies the values Filipinos are trying to preserve.

The Fictional Love Story

The Cinderella-like courtship between Alden and Yaya Dub is a love story people are so familiar of either in fiction or reality, yet something they aren’t sick and tired of watching. Everyone is faced with difficulties that seeing drama series brimming with existential angst and a taint of criminality is no longer entertaining. But every minute of watching Kalyeserye certainly brings a smile on one’s face apart from the kilig factor that is hard to get over.

The Noontime Show

Eat Bulaga! is as old as the mountain, yet it remains as fascinating as ever. For almost four decades giving entertainment to people, this longest running noontime variety show in the Philippines has produced a lot of big names in the industry such as Aiza Seguerra, Jericho Rosales, Michael V. to name a few. Being a part of it, without doubt this newest sought-after pair to date is going to stay in the limelight for years to come.

Social Media’s Pervasiveness

Social networking sites have laid bare every hole and corner of topics netizens want to share so that whatever worth knowing this day will spread like wildfire reaching every Tom, Dick, and Harry who as well keeps in touch with the virtual community. Through social media, a person’s quality of being good or a segment is in a flash made known such is the case of the couple Alden and Yaya Dub and the segment Kalyeserye.

People’s Reception

While there are AlDub-bashers who keep trying to pull the love team down and lace into its supporters, millions also join hands and stand up for Alden and Yaya Dub. The more people keep on nitpicking the pair and Kalyeserye, the more they get popular in the process.


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