MTMAS/MTSLAI Loan Table For Teachers

Manila Teachers' Mutual Aid System/ Manila Teachers' Savings and Loan Association - A Blessing To DepEd Teachers

MTMAS (Manila Teachers' Mutual Aid System) or MTSLA (Manila Teachers' Savings and Loan Association) is, for most teachers, a blessing sent from heaven.
MTMAS loan for deped teachers
While the salary of teachers is more than enough to meet the daily needs, it is barely enough to acquire one's dream such as a house and lot. That is why this lending institution is perfect for them.

Below is the loan table. Click the slide to view more and click the full screen to view larger.

MTMAS offers loan to teachers at very low interest rates. Moreover, teachers have loan term options that suit their needs and capability to pay. One's loan at MTMAS can be paid in 12, 15, 18, 24, 30 or 36 months.
One of the reasons why teachers keep coming back to apply a salary loan at MTMAS is that they can take home a much bigger amount upon applying for a reloan on the same monthly deduction basis compared to any other lending groups. What's more, when a teacher is in absolute need, she can come back 2 months after to avail of a reloan with similar monthly deduction.

Not yet a member of MTMAS? Be part of the family and experience its superb costumer service on top of the help it offers you.


The Manila Teachers’ Savings and Loan Association is a non-stock savings and loan association registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It is supervised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

It traces its roots from the humble “paluwagan”, an informal savings system that people organize to generate forced savings among members and enable them to draw from their own resources on which to fall back on in times of emergency.

Under this system, the members choose a treasurer among them. The treasurer collects an agree-upon amount from each member at an agreed-amount regularity. The collective savings of all members is handed over to one member at a time on scheduled dates until all members has received one collection each in a round ribbon fashion. After each member has received one collection, the process is repeated, and so on and so forth.

The Manila Teachers’ Savings and Loan Association was originally one such organization, a teachers’ paluwagan. It was founded by a group of teachers from the Rizal Avenue High School in the late 1950s.

Among them was Mr. Prudencio S. Lacson. He was designated as the paluwagan treasurer. The paluwagan continued to flourish until April 1960, when he retired from teaching.

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