Free GMA 7's Encantadia Teleserye Replay

GMA 7 Encantadia Free Replay

GMA 7 Encantadia has given ABS-CBN FPJ's Ang Probinsyano a run for its money. The latter had topped all primetime TV programs in the Philippines for several weeks since it aired, but starting the day the former started to telecast, people have been divided.

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Now, it is anyone's game even in the search engine. People, especially those who are busy and those who live abroad have only the internet to turn to in order not to miss out on its every episode. And the ones who benefit hugely here are rogue bloggers who stream pirated videos. They record Encantadia and upload the video on Youtube and in other video hosting sites. And thousands of dollars pours in their purse a month.

While what these bloggers are doing is outrightly illegal, not a handful of them has been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There had been reports about website owners arrested for online piracy, but none of them has been set as examples for other bloggers who are in the same monkey business.

However, to watch Encantadia for free, click the link above or click this. And you will be redirected to a website that really cater your need without the fear of having been patronizing piracy.

Do you as well love watching Encantadia? This TV program enchants both kids and kids at heart. Just because this program suits best for kids, doesn't mean that adults can't watch it. Watching Encantadia delivers us into a world of fantasy from the harsh realities of life. That is, we tend to forget the problems we face as we are so engrossed in being a momentary part of the world of magic, thrill, and beauty.

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