ABS-CBN, GMA 7 and TV5 Programs Replay

ABS-CBN, GMA 7 and TV5 Programs Replay
watch abs-cbn, gma 7 and tv5 programs replay
Busy for work or don't have time to watch TV, OFWs as well as those living locally miss out on watching their favorite programs in real time. But, in this day and age, they can always find ways to follow the latest episode of FPJ's Ang Probinsyano or Encantadia. It is all because TV programs replay is mushrooming in the internet.

Forgive me for doing this, but I want to divert some traffic in the internet to this site. I am outrightly against online piracy. Millions of dollars have been lost and gone to someone else's purse who didn't shed even a single drop of sweat in making the videos they stream online, yet they are the ones earning a lot - way bigger than the ordinary people who are part of the cast.

This ABS-CBN, GMA 7 and TV5 replay of might ruin your day, but by God, let's work fairly. Let's exert effort in our work. Let's give credit to the people behind the videos by giving them justice. That is, let us give justice to their hardwork by not supporting online piracy.

As there are millions of dollars generated through online piracy such as streaming videos own and copyrighted by others, there have been a growing number of bloggers who make money through it as advertising networks also make millions out of it.

Watch your favorite TV programs here from the Philippines' big 3 networks. The ABS-CBN, GMA 7 AND TV5 are own by the country's top billionaires. While they still make millions of dollars, it is still outrightly wrong to stream videos not your own and make a lot of money with them.

This is not a fight for the TV networks, but a fight for the ordinary workers, actors, extras, cameramen, and the like who could hardly make a living with the compensation they receive. Compared to the life of online pirates out there who have mansions, cars, and everything they want in life, ordinary workers only live in a modest house, barely able to make both ends meet.

I wonder why the number of online piracy is ever growing despite the effort of the government in the different countries. Are they really doing their job? Are the owners of the videos being pirated aware of this or they just take piracy for granted because their network is still making a lot.

Although, according the news, there were a few people who had been arrested due to online piracy. But this news don't seem to unnerve the pirates, probably because they know how to shake off authorities. Some of them are hard to trace, but that doesn't mean that authorities have to give up or do nothing.

To the big 3 networks in the Philippines, please do something, not for you but for the men behind your success and wealth. And to the government, please be aware that a lot of people are hard at work while pirates are sitting in front of their computer, earn thousands of dollars a month, and they can get what they world can offer them.


  1. Thanks for the free TV shows replay of ABS-CBN, GMA, AND TV5. I have been looking for this. I have bookmarked this already.

    1. What the, the link given redirects to the other sites.

  2. Watch ABS-CBN, GMA 7 and TV5 shows replay here