Filipino Traditions That Have Been Changed By Modernization

Filipino Traditions That Have Been Changed By Modernization

Over the past few years, Filipino traditions have gone through a major make-over if not a total disappearance because of modernization. What had been "in" a decade or two ago is now a thing of the past and might not have any chance to get a glimpse of what this modern world looks like.

changes in filipino traditions

Feeling nostalgic, people who were born in the 80's and below can't help but reminisce their wonderful experiences during the heydays of the Filipino traditions below.
  1. Filipino traditional games or larong pinoy - A number of Filipino traditional games that are completely strange among kids of today. Because of the introduction of different gadgets or technologies that have engrossed today's new generation, many traditional games have been consigned to oblivion. Today, larong pinoy is sometimes played in schools that try to reintroduce or keep Filipino traditional games from dying out completely.
  2. Using letters as a means of courtship - Cellphones and other modern communication technologies are the culprit of the evanescence of exchanging romantic words via letters. Lacking human touch, courting through text messaging has been the order of the day. And while today's single ladies don't mind about it, nothing can compare the excitement to read a lengthy love messages that the receiver didn't seem to care reading it a million times.
  3. Plowing the fields using carabaos or water buffaloes - Most farmers nowadays no longer use the traditional means of plowing their fields. Instead, they turn to using mechanized tractors which make their work much easier and way off faster. However, gasoline-powered farm machines are not cheap. Though some farmers are still keeping water buffaloes to help them in the fields, one of these days, the hardworking animals that used to be with their owner rain or shine would be hanging up their plows ultimately.
  4. Washing clothes in the river - It is not only because of washing machines or the source of water is accessible at home that washing our clothes in the river is gone but also because we no longer have clean rivers or most of them have dried up completely. This tradition, however, is not environmentally friendly. So, we better opt for washing our dirty clothes at home.
  5. Circumcision done by a village doctor - This traditional circumcision procedure can also be done by anyone with expertise in it. The cut on the prepuce is performed using a labaja (barber's blade) or balisong (fan-knife). The cut is guided by a "lukaw," a wooden contraption carved from a branch of the bayabas tree, one end of which is staked to the ground . The other end, shaped to fit between the penile prepuce and head, is put in place with the lad sitting and straddling the lukaw. The blade is then carefully placed on the prepuce for the dorsal slit and a single blow is delivered by hand or a wooden branch.

More Changes in Filipino traditions that have been brought about by modernization are to be written here. Please visit this site again next time.


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