Filipino Traditions That Need To Be Changed

Filipino Traditions That Have To Be Changed

Filipinos have one of the most colorful traditions in the world. Some of these traditions have been practiced since pre-colonial period. Although most of them have changed or have been modified unconsciously, they still bear resemblance of those done by their ancestors.

These Filipino traditions are essentially good. However, some people who implement them have vitiated their value and purpose.

In random order, I would like to present what I think Filipino traditions that need to be changed if not be totally removed.

What do you think of this point-of-view? Please comment below to add your Filipino traditions that need to be changed.
In this day and age, Filipinos are constantly adopting and integrating values, traditions and culture from other countries. Time will come that, although it would take hundreds of years to take place, good Filipino traditions will be replaced by not so good ones.


  1. Feast day celebration is a religious activity for catholics. This is the time to offer prayers, ask for more blessings, and more. But most Filipinos seem not to care about the patron saint anymore. When fiesta comes, it’s no longer the celebrator who is supposed to take center stage but the food preparations instead.

    And worst thing is that Filipinos spend a lot that at the end of the day they could barely pay off their debts and have almost nothing left for their day to day expenses.

  2. Too much hospitality

    Filipinos are known from the world over for being hospitable. When foreigners visit the country, Filipinos welcome them with open arms and offer them whatever that may please them.

    This hospitality doesn’t only takes place when foreigners come to visit them. Even local guests, friends or mere acquaintances receive the same welcome. The hosts see to it that their visitors feel at home and enjoy their stay at their home. The bad thing here is they give their visitors what they usually are deprived of every day such as good food, etc.