What You Need To Know About GSIS Conso-Loan Plus

Under the Enhanced Conso-Loan Plus Program, members who have at least 15 years of service with paid premiums may borrow a 12-month salary loan while those with not less than 25 years of service will be eligible for a 14-month loan. Previously, the credit limit for these members was only 10 times their salary. GSIS also extended the maximum payment term from six to 10 years for members with not less than 10 years of paid premiums.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Below is the table on the credit limits or maximum loanable amounts for the Enhanced GSIS Conso-Loan Plus:
Credit Limits Under the Enhanced Conso-Loan Plus Program
Minimum Premium Payments RequiredMaximum Loan Amount
(Basic Monthly Salary)
25 years14-month loan
15 years12-month loan
10 years10-month loan
5 years7-month loan
40 months4-month loan
20 months3-month loan

Availment of the Enhanced Conso-Loan Plus Program will result in the consolidation of the following salary loans:
  1. Salary Loan
  2. Restructured Salary Loan
  3. Enhanced Salary Loan
  4. Emergency Loan Assistance, and
  5. Summer One-Month Salary
The consolidation of the above loans will result in the full liquidation of the outstanding balances of the abovementioned loans, less penalties and surcharges (if any), which are automatically waived under the conso-loan program.
Who are qualified to avail of the loan program?
Qualified for the program are active GSIS members (permanent and nonpermanent) who have no pending administrative or criminal case, are not on leave of absence without pay, and with a net take-home pay that is not less than the minimum amount specified in the General Appropriations Act after the monthly amortization due on the loan has been deducted.

Morevoer, a member should have a computed loanable amount of at least Php15,000 to be able to qualify under the Enhanced Conso-Loan Plus Program. If the computed loanable amount is less than Php15,000, the loan will not be processed.
Special members such as prosecutors and members of the judiciary and constitutional commissions are also qualified to avail of the loan equivalent to 10 times their basic salary.
How can members apply for the loan?
Interested members may apply through the GSIS Wireless Automated System (GWAPS) kiosks located in all 57 GSIS branch and extension offices; provincial capitols, city halls, selected municipal offices, and large government agencies such as the Department of Education, and selected Robinsons Malls.
Upon confirmation of the agencies’ authorized officers, the loan proceeds are electronically credited to members’ GSIS e-Card or unified multipurpose identification (UMID) card.
For more details on the Enhanced Conso-loan Plus, members may call the GSIS Contact Center at 847-4747 or email gsiscares@gsis.gov.ph.


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