How To Write A Book Report

Sample Book Report and How to Write One

At times, students are required to write a book report by their English teacher. The task itself is very demanding especially if we don't know where to go from here after reading the lengthy story we have chosen.
How to make a book report
The dilemma comes when we sometimes mistakenly choose a book that doesn't interest us much that at the end of the day we don't only grow tired of reading but also we don't seem to get something out of the story at all. That is why the thing that we need to do before taking this challenge is to find a book that in some respects tickles our fancy.

After choosing the book to read and making sense of its content, we've got to do what are written below.
  1. Give the title and the author of the book
  2. State your general opinion about the book
    • Is the book exciting to read till the last page or is it boring that you don't want to finish reading it?
    • Is there a character that intrigues, fascinates, or interests you more than all the others in the story?
    • Is there a particular part of the book that is better than the rest?
    • Did you learn something from the book that you hadn't known before?
  3. Give reasons for the opinion you stated.
  4. Give your recommendations or suggestions for future readers.
Take a look at the sample book report below:

Yuletide Peril
Title of the Book

Irene Brand

Janice Reid - the heiress of her uncle's property, moved to Stanton from Willow Creek to claim it;
Brooke Reid - Janice's 11-year old sister;
John Reid - Janice's uncle who left his property to her;
Lance Gordon - a school principal who helps Janice cope up with her problems;
Atty. Santrock - the lawyer who handled the Janice's claim to her uncle's property, turned out to be the culprit of Janice's predicament;



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