How To Present An Oral Report Perfectly

Follow These Tips And Nail Your Oral Report

When you learn new information about a subject that interests you, you want to share it with others. Giving an oral report can be exciting. Your interest and enthusiasm can be "catching." Your audience's response can fuel your own enthusiasm.

how to nail an oral report

To be sure your oral report goes smoothly, practice ahead of time. If you practice in front of a mirror, you can check your posture and presentation. If you practice in front of friends or family, you can get a sense of how your audience will react.

Use the following guidelines when you make an oral report.
  • Your voice carries best when you stand tall - but not stiff. Feel free to shift your stance to stay comfortable.
  • Make eye contact with your listeners. As you speak, move your eyes from one person's face to the next.
  • Speak at a normal pace - or even a little slowly. Don't let nervousness make you rush.
  • Pause for a few seconds after each of your more important points. This lets listeners reflect on what you have said.


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