5 Reasons Why a Nuisance Candidate is Better than a Traditional Politician

5 Reasons Why a Nuisance Candidate is Better than a Traditional Politician
by Josh Fishy - 10/15/2015

Presidential elections 2016 is up and running. As every single day rolls by, the competition is getting more intense as aspirants draw nearer to the "day of reckoning".

As early as the second quarter of 2015, campaign ads on TV, radio, or even in newspapers have been banging the drum for their candidates.

More often than not, candidates who hit campaign trail at first light are those whom we dub trapo or traditional politicians. But just because they have been in the "business" for a prolonged period of time, it doesn't mean that they are the only option to choose from.

As the irony of fate would have it, however, voters don't have any other choice but to settle on trapos. But if one were to mull over the pros and cons between trapos and nuisance candidates, the latter would be at an advantage.

So here we go, why choosing a nuisance candidate over a traditional politician is better than the other way around.
  1. Nuisance candidates have never been tested in the world of politics and running a government, yet they may have bright ideas to solve our problems. Though giving them a try is suicidal, taking one's own life is better than being starved to death by power-hungry public officials.
  2. Trying out their platform of governance may be one of the reasons the so-called nuisance candidates opt to be chosen. So, to amass a huge amount of money at the expense of the laborers' blood and sweat is not their priority just yet.
  3. These hapless candidates intend to run without the machinery to buoy their candidacy, much less a penny in their pocket to support themselves. For this reason, having this kind of elections would be fair enough for candidates and voters alike given that whoever wins is not smeared of luring people with a scanty amount of cash.
  4. It is sometimes true that those who can really perform well are merely satisfied as part of the audience or are not given the break to shine. This is absolutely true to politics. And candidates considered as nuisance may have the potentials to make a difference.
  5. Our country has never been any different for many years. If there are some signs of progress, that would probably because of the fact that we have nowhere else to go from here except to take a turn for the better. Sad to say, the turn takes longer than what is supposed to be, and choosing someone unfamiliar may have the competence to make it faster.


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