What We Need To Know About The Products We Want To Buy

What We Need To Know About The Products We Want To Buy

Do you keep buying a product even if you don't really need it? For sure, you do. In fact all of us, at certain times, do it. But as consumers, there are things that we have to look into when buying things in order to get our money's worth.

What we need to know about the products we want to buy

As consumers, we've got to be clever to figure out malpractices of unscrupulous businessmen. We have to be able to make intelligent choice among products or services offered in the market. In other words, we should know what products to buy and where and how to buy them.

In this post, let me share what we consumers need to know about a certain product that we need or want to buy.
  1. Make certain about exact weight and measures.
  2. Take note of its chemical content.
  3. Be conscious of the manufacturer.

What we should know about our rights and responsibilities as consumers

As consumers, we must be aware of our rights and responsibilities. According to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights that we should be aware of and assert our rights as consumers if we are to get the maximum benefit from the development process. Our basic rights are:
  • the right to safety
  • the right to be adequately informed
  • the right to choose among alternatives
  • the right to be heard
Of course, along with those rights come responsibilites. Among these are:
  • the responsibility to complain
  • the responsibility to report malpractices
  • the responsibility to cooperate 


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