Things We Encounter Promotes Our Growth And Development

Things We Encounter Promote Our Growth And Development

Stepping into high school is like stepping into a new world. Every day, you may encounter something new. You may meet a new friend, pick up a new idea, get into a new situation, or even face a new problem.

Things that promote growth and development

These encounters can help you know more about the world you live in. They can enrich your understanding of people. They can also help you know yourself. They can teach you how to deal with others and how to face up to your problems,

Through these encounters, you will learn what adolescent life is all about.

Looking Into Yourself

When friends tease you, how do you usually react? Do you stamp your foot in anger? Do you break into tears? Or do you clench your fists?

Your reactions say a lot about you. They reveal the kind of person you are. They show your strong and weak points. They also affect the way people look at you. Some may like you; others may dislike you. If you look into yourself honestly and sincerely you may know why. You may even begin to learn more about yourself.

Growing Up - A Challenge

Many changes take place when you move on to your teen years. For one, your body begins to show changes. It takes on a new shape, and starts to follow a new cycle. As your body undergoes changes, so does your mind. You learn to question things. You discover many new feelings which tend to confuse you.

Oftentimes, these changes may bring you both joy and pain. While they make you aware that life is worth living, they also show you that it can be cruel. Dealing with these changes, however, is part of growing up.

Coping with problems

Young people have different ways of facing problems. Some get confused, and in their confusion, think that the world is against them. Others take more positive attitude. They go to friends and ask for advice. Or they study the problem themselves, and try to reach some proper solutions. How about you? How do you cope with your problems?


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