The Philippines Must Be So Lucky Having These Natural Resources

The Philippines Must Be So Lucky Having All These Natural Resources

I remember my teacher back in high school telling us that the Philippines was rich in natural resources. Now that I am in my mid 30s, I still hear teachers saying so. However, there seems to be no great impact these natural resources have on the living standard of the Filipinos despite the development on how we harnessed or utilize them.
Even so, the Filipinos must be so lucky to have a natural resources so plentiful that if put to good use, the standard of living in the country may make its way up dramatically.

To learn how rich the Philippines is in natural resources, let's take a review of them below.
  1. Land Resources - The Philippines has a total of 30,000,000 hectares of land which includes forests, plains, mountains, cliffs, and minerals.
  2. Forest Resources - More or less 50 percent of the country's land is forested. The country is also known from the world over to have different species of trees that the people use to build their houses, furniture, etc.
  3. Water Resources - The expanse of water resources in the country is greater than its land resources. In fact, the archipelago has approximately 1,666,300 square kilometers of water area.
  4. Mineral Resources - Considered as one of the most treasured resources in the country, mineral has 2 main types to wit: metals, non-metals, and fuel.
  5. Human Resources - This is the only resource the country has that is ever growing. These resources include skills, intelligence, talent of the Filipinos to produce goods and services.
Given all these natural resources, the Philippines will have been among the richest countries on the planet if only the leaders, businessmen, and the entire population in general are wise enough to make good use of them.


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