Suklay Diva Katrina Velarde Soars To Fame With Superb Cover Songs

Suklay Diva Katrina Velarde Soars To Fame With Superb Cover Songs

Katrina Velarde Go the Distance Cover

The internet, social media and video streaming sites in particular have made a lot of ordinary people's dreams come true. Just recently, another rags-to-riches story in the making is starting to unfold. It is no other than the rising to fame of Katrina Velarde who has been dubbed as Suklay Diva for using suklay or comb as her microphone.

Katrina is not only known in her home place, the Philippines, but also from the world over. As a matter of fact, a number of reaction video channels on Youtube can't help but marvel at her superb cover songs particularly her performance on Wish FM 107.5.

Her own rendition of the classic hit "Go the Distance" by Michael Bolton drew thousands upon thousands of likes and shares on social networking sites. Play the video and be amazed.

Katrina Velarde has been around the internet sharing her splendid voice and captivating countless of people who either have an ear for music or are ordinary music lovers.

With her soaring to online fame, she has a greater chance to make a name for herself in showbiz industry. For sure, TV networks are just waiting for the right time to give her the break and make her the country's newest internet singing sensation who earns well through her talent.


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