Reasons Why Students Should Not Be Allowed To Bring Cellphones To School

Reasons Why Students Should Not Be Allowed To Bring Cellphones To School

Cellphones are becoming a necessity nowadays. They are used to connect people from different corners of the world fast and with ease. And without this technology, it's hard to imagine what our life would have become.

Reasons why students are not allowed to use phones within the school premises

Despite cellphone's usefulness, people should limit its use in schools for some good reasons. Below are some of the grounds why students should not be allowed to bring their cellphones to school.
  1. Cellphones can cause distraction to their studies. While most students use cellphones to help accomplish their assignments such as those that need the internet, the same kind of gadgets could ruin their studies. That is, instead of listening to their teacher's discussion, they could be so engrossed in their phones that they don't learn anything from their lessons at the end of the day.
  2. Students could be tempted to cheat during exams. Back in the day, students made a list of formulas, words, etc. on a piece of paper and hid in a pen or just anywhere within reach so that during the test or exam it could always come in handy. But in this day and age, students have leveled up. They use phones to cheat. For instance, a student could ask help from his friend to solve a certain problem in math via text messaging.
  3. Perverts might use cellphones in school for voyeurism. There have been a lot of voyeuristic videos on porn sites and some of them are taken in the school. In restrooms for example, any student could set up their phones to record videos of girls answering the call of nature. While voyeurism is punishable by law, only a handful have been caught and fined.


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