Places in the Philippines That I Am Dying To Visit

Places in the Philippines That I Want To Visit

Travelling entails money and a lot of it, especially if we are not doing it alone. It is probably one of the reasons why most of us Filipinos are "foreigners" to our own country. We only visit one place or two once in our lifetime because the mere thought of budgeting might scare us into action.

Places to visit in the Philippines

I am no traveler and I have only visited a few places in the Philippines. But if I have to visit some other places in the country together with my family, it will include provinces that should never be crossed off everyone's bucket list.

In this post, I would like to share where I should go if given the chance to visit places in the country inexpensively, if not for free. Or if I had enough money. In random order, listed below are provinces or cities that tourists like me should visit.
  1. Baguio City - The city of Baguio is known all over the archipelago as the summer capital of the Philippines because of its cold temperatures that visitors rarely have in their home provinces.
  2. Palawan - This province is perfect for adventure lovers like me. Aside from the thrill this place can give its visitors, the province's pristine beauty and unspoiled natural tourists attractions are also worth visiting.
  3. Davao City - People who happen to visit this place seem to have common stories. The place is clean and orderly not to mention its first-rate peace and order. And it gives me the reason why this city is a must-visit for everyone.
  4. Batanes - This is one of the places I should not miss to visit. If its "out-of-the-Philippines" sceneries look relaxing even in pictures, how much more will they be in person. Though, according to some, getting there is a challenge, the experience may still be worth the risk.
  5. Boracay - This island is known from the world over for its world-class beach resorts. While I am not a beach lover, I still dream of basking under the sun while walking on its powder-fine white sand.
These are only some of the places I am dying to visit. More will be included soon. What about you? Are you a well-traveled person? What places do you think are more worth visiting than the ones on this post? Please feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting.


  1. I have visited Bohol, you should include that place on you list.

  2. Why didn't you include specific and far-flung places such as Hinatuan in Surigao del sur?

  3. Very nice post. Keep on posting guys.

  4. Thanks for dropping by. I include that place on my list soon not because you told me so but because it is actually on my bucket list.