How To Take Part In A Coversation

How To Take Part In A Conversation

Every day we exchange information with two or more persons. When we take part in a conversation, it is expected that both parties will talk and listen well. We should also make sure that we practice good manners to avoid misunderstanding.

tips on how to become a good conversationalist

On this post, I would like to share some tips on how to take part in a conversation or how to become a good conversationalist. Below are the reminders.
  1. Be courteous and cheerful at all times. In all instances, avoid discourteous expressions that may hurt or embarrass others. Being ungentlemanly or unladylike allows other people to give a bad impression of you.
  2. Read a lot. Anyone who is a wide reader knows many topics to talk about. That is, you always have something to say on whatever topic you both discuss.
  3. Be a good listener. A good listener avoids interrupting the speaker and shows interest in what he says. Doing the opposite deters the other person from going on with the conversation.
  4. Speak clearly. To do this, you need to modulate your voice well. Properly modulated voice can somehow be achieved through practice.
  5. Give chance to others do their share of talking. As mentioned, a conversation is a give-and-take. Doing all the talking is no conversation at all.
  6. Exit courteously. When leaving the conversation, you should do it respectfully. Otherwise, it's like leaving the person you talk to hanging in midair. 


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