How To Improve Your Command In English Without Needing Anyone's Help

Improve Your Command In English Language With These Tips

Without doubt, English is the universal language. It is the language used in world business, science, diplomacy among nations, etc. Given this, anyone who don't only do business with his fellow nationalities but also with those from other countries must learn to use the English language proficiently both in oral and written communication.

improve English both in oral and written communication

But the question is how could one improve his command in English if what he has learned from school doesn't seem to be enough. Well, schools can't give their learners everything they need when it comes to English language. What one has acquired in four-cornered rooms must be complemented with one's own effort and hardwork. That is, if one relies a lot on what his teacher is giving him, chances are he won't be as proficient as those who study the language beyond the school.

The only tip this post can give you is to read a lot of English reading materials if English speaking people aren't available. But don't just stop there. You also have to jot down expressions that you may need for future use.

Like for instance, in these sentences:

He pulled a syringe out of his pocket.
She set her tea on the bedside table and crossed her arms over her chest.
She literally jumped for joy.
He woke in the dark to an insistent chirping from his bedside table.
Mia sat at the kitchen table with both hands wrapped around full mug of green tea that had gone untouched.

The words or expression in blue can be used in your day to day conversations. They are called collocations. Learning a lot of collocations will immediately translate into a better command in English.

In fact, learning by imitating expressions is how we learned our first language. We were not subjected to learning grammar, yet we became fluent using our mother tongue even at the age of four. So, if little kids can learn the language by means of imitation without much difficulty, then students and adults can also have greater chance to improve their English within a few years only.

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