How To Give An Impromptu Talk

Giving an Impromptu Talk

Without being aware of it, we have been delivering impromptu talks ever since we learned how to speak. In the past, for example, we may have asked our parents for something which we wanted very badly; to convince them, we gave them some good reasons. Or after our first day in school, we must have told our family how we fared among a roomful of new faces. On both occasions, we were delivering impromptu talks.

pointers to remember when giving an impromptu speech

An impromptu talk is a speech which we deliver without any previous preparation. It is given at the moment it is needed. A person who is called on to give an impromptu talk will need to depend on his own resources by digging into his storehouse of knowledge and experience.

Here are the pointers to remember about an impromptu speech:

  1. Decide whether the aim of your talk is to inform, to amuse, or to get others to do something.
  2. Choose a subject which will fit the occasion. Make sure, though, that you know a great deal about the subject you have chosen.
  3. Begin your talk with a general statement and then follow it up with two or three specific supporting sentences. End it with an interesting remark, one that will catch the attention of your listeners.

An impromptu speech needs no notes or outline. We must be ready, therefore, to organize our ideas mentally. Since we may be called upon to give an impromptu talk time and again, it would be wise to do a lot of reading and listening. Participating actively in discussions will also help. It will enable us to constantly practice expressing our thoughts orally.


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