How To Get Free Internet In Your Smartphones

How To Get Free Internet In Your Smartphones

Getting internet access for free is not that hard to do these days. With sophisticated apps, powerful hacks, and more, everyone can visit websites without spending a single centavo. In this post, since I don't have a bit of knowledge about hacking, I would like to share with you a few simple tricks to get free internet using your smartphones.

Back in the day, internet either via data or wi-fi was unheard of. Only those living in the cities or working at big companies that people came into contact with internet. But in this days and age, every Tom, Dick and Harry doesn't only know about it but is also very comfortable in using it. What's more, even those living in the poorest homes have Facebook accounts which they check daily. Why is that? Well, that is because of the list of free internet tips and hacks below.
  1. Free basics by Facebook - This smartphone app is perfect for those who want to keep up on latest news stories and Facebook posts. We can also avail of Wikipedia services for free and a whole lot more freebies. All we need to do is to download the app through Google Play Store and you can use it 24 hours a day without any data charges.
  2. Open Public Wi-fi hotspot - Government offices like municipal halls offer free wi-fi hotspot to everyone who wants to access the internet for free. Since they are open, the only thing you need to do is to press the connect button. If your smartphone is configured to notify you whenever an open wi-fi hotspot is available, you simply swipe down your smartphone screen from the top to see the open wi-fi name and connect icon.
  3. Neighbor's Wi-fi internet - Asking your neighbor for the password of his wi-fi is not that hard to do. You only need the guts and the right words to use. Be careful though not to take advantage of his kindness and generosity for he might block you from accessing his wi-fi for good. Also, don't stream a lot of videos because everyone using the same connection will surely suffer slow internet speed when data bandwidth limit has been reached before the month ends.
The Philippines has been dubbed as having one of the most expensive and slowest internet connection in the world. Given this, people are trying to find ways to access the internet cheaply if not for free. With a number of internet plans offered today which ranges from the cheapest to the most overpriced, people have now the options. The problem, however, is the speed is not worth every penny.


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