First, Second, Third And Fourth Tranche Monthly Salary Schedule For Civilian Personnel Of The National Government

Modified Salary Schedule For Civilian Personnel Of The National Government

Salary Standardization LawExecutive Order No. 21 entitled Modifying Salary The Schedule For Civilian Government Personnel And Authorizing The Grant Of Additional Benefits For Both Civilian And Military And Uniformed Personnel has been implemented starting the year 2016 when the first tranche was given. (Learn the Pros and Cons of Salary Increase.)

If you don't know how much will be your basic salary after or when a particular tranche is added to your monthly basic pay, it is better to refer to the new salary schedule for a complete and accurate data.

Below is the new salary schedule for civilian personnel of the national government.

A lot of government permanent employees asked whether the PBB starting 2017 will be given equivalent to a minimum of 1-month salary, here is the section of the law that makes things crystal clear.

Section 5. Enhanced Performance-Based Bonus. The existing PBB granted to qualified government personnel, including those in LGUs, shall be enhanced to strengthen its results orientation, to be given in an amount equivalent to one (1) month basic salary up to two (2) months basic salary, to be implemented in two (2) phases starting in FY 2017. The PBB shall be subject to the achievement by departments or agencies, including LGUs and individual employees of their performance targets or commitments and compliance with good governance and other conditions.

The grant of the enhanced PBB shall be based on a progressive rate system. As the position and responsibility in improving agency performance becomes higher, so is the amount of PBB.

The Inter-Agency Task Force on the Harmonization of National Government Performance Monitoring, Information and Reporting Systems created under Administrative Order No. 25 (s. 2011) shall prescribe the conditions on eligibility and procedures for the grant of the enhanced PBB, including the ranking system to recognize differences in levels of performance.


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