Factors That Promote Lasting Friendships

Factors That Promote Lasting Friendships

Finding a true friend is like looking for a needle in a haystack and anyone who finds him must be so lucky. As a matter of fact, many say that a true friend is like a priceless stone, something or someone that has to be treasured or valued greatly.

qualities that foster lasting friendships
In order to make friendships last for a lifetime, both should possess the qualities that foster their friendship. Below are the factors that promote lasting friendships which should be cultivated and nurtured.
  1. Concern - Knowing that someone is expressing sincere concern for us is very touching even in little acts of thoughtfulness. Like for instance, remembering each other's birthday already matters a lot. Moreover, this quality should specially be manifested during hard times such as when one is ill, emotionally disturbed or faced with difficulties. One can show concern for a friend through moral support, financial assistance, or by lending him a hand to relieve his problems.
  2. Respect - Respect is a two-way street. In order to earn it, one should exhibit high regard for his buddy. If you see your friend studying quietly, for example, it is advised not to disturb him by making any unnecessary noise. In return for the respect you have shown, your friend will for sure look up to you and think highly of your own wishes and desires.
  3. Loyalty - Friends who are loyal to one another stick together. Even amidst difficult situations, friends should have an unwavering support for each other. In other words, true friends stay with each other even in times of overwhelming odds.
  4. Honesty - Honesty is the best policy as they say and this rule of thumb must also be manifested in friendships. Truth does hurt, but if it is given by a friend whose only intention is to make things right then it is worth facing.
  5. Trust -  Friends must trust one another, otherwise their relationship is not friendly at all. That is, a true friendship is brought into being mainly because of trust. A real friend is someone to whom we can confide our secrets and vice versa. If we cannot share our thoughts with our friend, the other might be thinking if we are worth his time and attention. The same is true if our friend does the same.
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