Changes That Are Affecting Our Life

Changes Affecting Our Life

Science brings about changes that affect the quality of our lives. It gives us the power to light our towns and cities, run our industries, irrigate our farms, and conquer diseases. On the whole, it enables us to live more comfortable, secure lives.

While science does bring about progress, it also creates many problems. When left unsolved, these problems can become a threat to life itself.

Science can serve us best only if we know how to use it well. Wee need to learn, therefore, how to use it wisely.

How Science Serves Us

How much luckier we are than our grandfather was! Some decades ago, our grandfather, as a young boy, must have walked over winding trails for long hours to get to town.

In many parts of the country, walking long distances is now a thing of the past. In a matter of minutes, or hours, a tricycle, a jeepney, or a bus can take us to our destination. Science and technology have made this possible.

Nature's Way

Nature gives freely and generously. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the land on which we stand - these are but a few of nature's gifts to us.

While nature's gift are free, they are not inexhaustible. The soil can become dry, its water supply used up. Plants can decrease in number, thereby lessening people's supply of pure oxygen.

Toward A Better Life

Every person dreams of a better life, a better tomorrow. Indeed, who does not want a life of ease and comfort?

Dreaming of a better life is not enough, however. It cannot change a person's condition in life. To have a better life, one must learn to work, to strive. One must also learn to use his intelligence and imagination.

You do not have uniform for your "sing out"? Perhaps you can "tie dye" you old white T-shirt. You need extra money? Perhaps you can raise some quails. The ways to improve our life is limitless.

Progress and You

Since the beginning of time, man has always tried to improve his life. Through his intelligence and strength, he has constantly fashioned tools that could make his life more comfortable and secure.

Today we see around us the fruits of man's labor. We see jeepneys and buses travel over good roads and bridges. We have concrete buildings. We learn about the outside world through internet, televisions, etc. We read books and other printed materials.

The progress we may now be enjoying, however, carries with it a price. It is a price that every person pm earth has to pay.


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