Top 5 proofs your country is stinking rich

Top 5 proofs your country is stinking rich
by Josh Fishy - 10/23/2015

A lot of people living in a so-called third world country and having a good-paying job yet can't get enough out of their income to live a satisfying life. If you are one of them, you are still born under a lucky star given that millions around you can't bear the expense of placing foods on their table three times a day.

Did you know that a country is still stinking rich even if majority of its citizens are without a cent to their names? Anyone who is capable of thought knows that this is within the realms of possibility.

To bear out that a rich country with pauperized majority really exists, we list down what we think are its top 5 proofs to shed light on those who are locked up in the dark.

1. Everybody wants to become a government official.
Political factions lock horns with one another that result in killing any of their members in cold blood. This usually happens during election campaign period.

2. Government officials are inexplicably rich.
Except for those officials who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, there are those in the government whose wealth can't be explained on top of the wealth hidden in different names.

3. Projects are abounding in places where they are not needed.
Opportunistic government and public officials thrive on projects that cost an arm and a leg. Surprisingly, the government can afford all these while a lot are dying of malnutrition or stealing because of unemployment.

4. Rough roads are left uncemented while those which are concrete and don't even have the slightest potholes on them are reblocked.
It makes one wonder why a government let this. This always happens in provinces. People simply complain in silence, but something must me done on this.

5. High ranking individuals in the government receives a way bigger salary than an ordinary wage earner. While this is true to any country, it is too much to give them bonuses at dizzying amount while the rest are trying to make both ends meet.


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