Super bug created in a lab to target criminals

Super bug created in a lab to target criminals
by Josh Fishy - 10/02/2015

A super bug has been brought to life by a group of scientists in a remote and secluded laboratory in a province of the Philippines.

Crime of all sorts in this poverty-stricken country has been on the rise that amateur scientists are inspired to develop beasties that could put an end to the vicious cycle of misdeeds by many Filipinos.

According to Joseph Reyes, the lead scientist who first came up with the idea of creating a super bug that singles out a person who has a "black mark on their souls", lawbreakers should start to get terrified and even those whose wickedness are still in the works won't be spared.

Asked if how the heck this super bug sorts out good people from the bad ones, Reyes said that letting everyone get any idea how this worm behaves inside the human body could spell danger to their goal given the fact that they're not the lone intelligent humans around.

If this turns out to be real, the onset of human extinction is just around the corner. As the clock ticks every second, somebody in front, behind, or beside us is going to bite the dust or worst the person in between would be the one to meet his maker.


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