Modified narcotics to hit the market in the coming days

Modified narcotics to hit the market in the coming days
by Josh Fishy - 10/03/2015

"Anytime, anyplace, anywhere illegal drugs are gone on sale. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere cops play hide and seek with pushers. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, this wonderful world is soon to be filled with users. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere something must be done to hasten their journey to hell." sang Michelle while bitterly looking back on her bad experience in the hands of drug addicts.

The 23 years old Michelle, not her real name, was a victim of gang rape in her teenage years. In broad daylight, while walking home from classes, she was dragged by a group of men into the bush where she was sexually assaulted. After all of them had got what they wanted, one of the culprits repeatedly hit her head with a rock . The men left her believing she was dead. Fortunately a farmer saw her half-dead and took her to the nearest hospital.

Plenty of real stories like this may have taken place each day in all four corners of the world. In one way or another, these incidents happen because of drug abuse.

As the world is battling against the rampant use of illegal drugs among individuals of different walks of life, amateur physicists have successfully modified a meth that is fatal to anyone who uses it.

"The taste and smell remains the same as well as its psychological effects that it brings about, but after 24 hours, the user will suddenly pass out and die." said Leonard Aligre, the head of the project.

Aligre and his company already have contacts who are going to dispatch the said modified illegal drugs to all parts of the world. For the time being, they are set to circulate the meths in a drug-infested neighborhood they refuse to reveal.

This may be the answer to one of the perennial societal problems to which the world is still incompetent to find a solution.


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