FIBA ASIA championship most one-sided game ever

FIBA ASIA championship most one-sided game ever
by Josh Fishy - 10/03/2015

Referees had been favoring China in the 2015 FIBA ASIA Championship as they were afraid to be mobbed by unruly Chinese spectators as soon as they got out of the stadium.

Doing against their will, referees couldn't help but to call a foul after another which should not have been called while turning a blind eye to what should have been obviously below the belt.

"It's Filipinos' way of thinking to cry foul when beaten, but to see cheating before one's very eyes is outrightly unacceptable." said Jericho, who has been making a fuss while his eyes are glued on the television.

The game has been over but FIBA Asia is not yet done with making mistakes against the Philippines. How on earth did the Philippine team lose 3 times when they only suffered defeat at the hands of Palestine in the first round and by China in the Championship. Somebody must be holding a grudge against the Filipinos.

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