End of the world is just a few days away

End of the world is just a few days away
by Josh Fishy - 10/02/2015

"It's coming. None of us could of any help. We're all helpless like a new born child crying inside a burning house." This was what Theodore Smith kept telling himself as he was seeing through his telescope into the dark skies.

Smith is an amateur astronomer who has been searching the heavens for potentially destructive asteroids heading into our planet. Just this week, he was blown out of water when he saw far out using his own custom telescope that a huge rock the size of 5 football fields is taking its course towards Earth.

"There's nothing we can do about it. Let's just hope against hope that few people could survive this catastrophe. Though I know many could make it through, but I don't think they could last for a year or two. The damage could be so immense that basic needs like food and water aren't easy to get. Survival is so slim." Smith predicted as he was packing things up like canned goods, instant noodles, high calorie biscuits, and several bottles of water.

As I went on with the interview, I was trembling with fear when he let me see for myself the celestial body which seemed to be making its way in my direction. At that moment, nothing popped up in my mind but my family and how to keep them safe from this imminent apocalypse.

According to Smith's calculation, this mammoth heavenly boulder he nicknamed "Angel of Destruction" is going to hit China - he couldn't exactly tell what city or province in particular - on October 10, 2015 at around 8 in the morning local time in the aforementioned country.

And though the asteroid is heading towards China, Smith said that the impact it could create would bring about massive earthquake the world over that the shaking is so strong that none of the world's earthquake-resistant buildings would be left standing.


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