Encantadia vs Ang Probinsyano

Encantadia vs Ang Probinsyano

People are driven apart by the two of the most watched teleseryes in the Philippines, Encantadia of GMA 7 and FPJ's Ang Probinsyano of ABS-CBN. According to a certain market research firm Encantadia leads the rating, but for another research group Ang Probinsyano takes the lead.

Encantadia vs Ang Probinsyano
The pictures are properties of their respective tv shows and tv networks. 

It's quite hard to determine who is leading and who is falling behind because a small portion could not represent the whole. Research institutions in the Philippines are only eliciting opinions or answers from a few hundreds of people and imagine there are millions of Filipinos out there. It is just like a survey during elections, sometimes the numbers turn out correct and sometimes they don't.

Being a fan of the two TV programs, I could not take side in any of them. It's for the respective supporters to decide. However, I would like to give you their downsides and their upsides.

Encantadia vs Ang Probinsyano - which of the two do you love watching? I have my own perspectives in random order below.



  1. It gives women the morale that they can lead and fight against their opposite sex. While most teleseryes feature gentlemen as heroes, Encantadia highlights girl power. This goes to show that same thing can also happen in real world.
  2. Like any other teleseryes, Encantadia promotes Filipino values such as compassion, charity, bravery, patience, conservatism and a whole lot more. This is great for the youth nowadays who seem to lose some of the Filipino core values.
  1. Although this is part of our daily lives, violence is something that we can't do away with even when we want to relax. That is, the show which we are supposed to be entertained, stresses us out instead because of stabbing, slashing, and the like.
  2. Viewers of this teleserye are not only kids at heart but also real kids who are not supposed to be exposed to violence. While the scenes are not very strong for their age, the idea of killings per se can likely affect their behavior equally.
Ang Probinsyano

  1. It wakes people up to fight drugs and criminality. This is very timely for our country as we are facing the same problems which need good guys to fight the bad guys. In reality, however, the situation could be far worse.
  2. The show proves that there are remaining good policemen who are honest and loyal to their call of duty. This contradicts the mindset of some individuals who have lost their confidence in men in uniform.
  1. Violence is also a feature of this teleserye. Shooting, killings, etc. are the order of the day. Why not? This show involves policemen, so things like them can't be avoided. However, this shouldn't be the kind of program kids are watching.
  2. The story seems to exaggerate what might actually happen. There are scenes and incidences that are hard to imagine. The marksmanship and physical strength of Cardo are something that can only be found in superhero movies.
You can watch GMA 7's Encantadia for free on this link and ABS-CBN's FPJ's Ang Probinsyano for free here.

Can you think of other upsides and downsides of these two teleseryes? Please write in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting.


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