Cast your vote on this presidentiable

Cast your vote on this presidentiable
by Josh Fishy - 10/08/2015

So far, Filipinos have 3 or 4 sensible presidentiables to choose from come the May 2016 national elections. And, as one would expect, these presidential aspirants commit themselves to give those unable to make ends meet a brighter life ahead.

If "who should Juan dela Cruz vote for" has been a tough question to answer, one should read this.

While Grace Poe, Mar Roxas, Rodrigo Duterte, and Jejomar Binay have been drawing the attention of the mass media and the general public, a lowly hopeful is merely sitting at the side of the road staring into space that one day his wish for every Filipino be granted.

Meet Mang Rene Macario, 67, and though he was a high school dropout when his parents couldn't afford to support his studies because they had to spend their meager income on food rather than education, he has conquered the hardship life offered him in his early thirty's.

If given the chance to take charge of the Philippine government, he would make the Filipinos the way he fashioned himself and his family when things didn't seem to go his way.

How would he be coming to grips with the countless of problems the country has been facing up to since time immemorial if he were the president?

These are his 5 wishes a president should put into motions:

1. Implements the laws as written. Filipinos are known for ningas cogon, an attitude of starting something with interest and vigor, but immediately lose them along the way. The president must see to it that implementing bodies are doing their assignment and should be given a dose of their medicine once found guilty of neglecting their duties.

2. Makes sure the people's money is spent wisely. There have been government agencies found shelling out millions of pesos on unnecessary projects. If this great amount of money had been spent on what was needed, the life of every poor individual in this country would have been made different.

3. Pays no attention to a horde of political gurus whose twisted ideas are aimed to their advantage. A president should not work according to what his advisers think is right. Majority, if not all, presidential candidates today and in the past have said one thing and done another once elected. And this has all been because of giving in to clever but bent out of shape schemes of those around him.

4. Approves laws that benefit the great majority of people. The Philippines has been known far and wide to have a great array of laws on land, but some of them are of advantage to a select few. At present, a great deal of bills are soon to become laws. For sure, bills, "a wolf in sheep's clothing", will have been making their way through.

5. Spends less during election campaign period. If a candidate is spending millions of pesos for his candidacy, you should start to have qualms about his intentions.


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