Believed to be super humans ready to come to our rescue

Believed to be super humans ready to come to our rescue
by Josh Fishy - 10/02/2015

Earthlings would be gone soon. But a group of individuals who believe they have supernatural capabilities aren't disturbed by the incoming cataclysm.

Jason Ortega, 57, from Mexico City and who is in command of a few middle-aged men has been confident that he and his men can make a huge difference come the day of reckoning. With chokers made of irregular sizes of brown to black beads around their neck, these super heroes in the making gathered for a cause - to save humanity from extinction.

When asked how on earth could they save us during October 10 doomsday, Ortega said that neither the Avengers nor the Justice League is comparable to how much and what they are capable of doing.

"Ageless Archangels" is what they want themselves to be called. Though some of them are taking the journey into their golden years, it's evident on their wrinkled faces that they won't take any backward step when their help is required.

"We've been ready for this. We know that the end of the world happens in our lifetime. These people with me right now come from different corners in the world as you can see the color of their skin and facial features." he said while preparing some sort of face mask and oddly designed costume.

One fellow named Richard Grey, 54,  standing at around 6 feet and who came all the way from Michigan, USA, said that as a child he had shown exceptional strength that he lifted with his bare hands a bulldozer in their backyard.

There's nothing wrong if we rely our safety and salvation on these men who have been all set to put their own lives on the line.


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