A new life form discovered in the Philippines

A new life form discovered in the Philippines
by Josh Fishy - 10/06/2015

A new form of life has been proven to exist by a group of Australian anthropologists while paying a visit in the Philippines for a different purpose.
This new species, whose scientific name is homo crocodilus philippinensis, have been figured out to have lived for centuries undiscovered because of their resemblance to humans (homo sapiens).

In this day and age, they have multiplied into a million fold while about half are cross-bred with the natives that gives an ordinary member of the human race a hard time to tell them apart.  This newly-identified life form speaks like humans, thinks like humans, behaves like humans, but when out of sight, it does something terrible to anyone.

According to the discoverers, homo crocodilus philippinensis has been found to be highly dangerous that one should take precautions against messing with its kind to steer clear of any trouble.

In this impoverished island nation, humans are at the mercy of these newly-discovered creatures that their entirety as a human being has been dependent on them.

As time goes by, more and more homo crocodilus philippinensis are born while real humans have almost disappeared into oblivion.


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