A mysterious smog covered most of the Visayas

A mysterious smog covered most of the Visayas
by Josh Fishy - 10/03/2015

Experts have different take as to where the smoke that veiled most parts of the Visayas originates from. It has been reported that the smog, which refers to smoky fog, comes from Indonesian fire while some say that there's no proof yet to back up this assumption.

"If one happens to wander through Bohol province, he may notice the peculiarly bluish mountain ranges that seem to have drizzles over them if observed from afar." said Michael dela Cruz, a regular visitor to this small island. 

"Bohol is a majestic place to stop by. It's mountains still covered with forests are one of its attractions here. But over the last few days, these ravishing ranges can hardly be seen by your naked eye as they are buried beneath the lingering haze." he continued.

But some locals have their different way of thinking. Mang Kanor, a resident in the town of Sierra Bullones, said that this smoke is a sign of bad things to come.

Reports about the end of the world have taken the internet by storm. Some fellows simply laugh at the idea while others take it very seriously. Could this be the portent of apocalypse we dread to experience?


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