Why We Tend to Make Mistakes When Talking Before An Audience

Why We Tend To Make Mistakes When Talking Before An Audience
Josh Fishy | 12-25-2015

We can't help but admire and respect people who can talk with confidence before a crowd. Their poise and the gift of the gab make them look comfortable with what they're doing so that we may think their work is a child's play for them.

But without us being aware of it, even seasoned personalities get butterflies in their stomach at some point of their career. While some make a mere slip of the tongue, others commit an embarrassing mistake that may be so hard to get over.

why we tend to make mistakes when talking before an audience

Making mistakes while people are watching you could spring from a lot of factors. Listed below are some of the reasons why we tend to make mistakes when talking before an audience.
  1. Coming unprepared. Sometimes we are bursting with self-confidence so that we don't mind to get everything set before taking the plunge. Having a bucketful of confidence is necessary for people who work as party-giver, entertainer, speaker, host, and the like, but having more than needed does more harm than good. If most well-versed hosts and speakers still make some preparations to avoid being caught off guard, how much more for neophytes.
  2. Feeling self-conscious. We all want to impress everyone with our posture and the way we speak. Doing so excessively could affect our speech and train of thought. Thus, we may speak haltingly or our words don't convey the message we intend. And in all probability, we seem to commit more mistakes after the moment we dropped the ball.
  3. Being nervous. We all undergo this feeling when we speak in front of an audience. Inability to overcome this could wreak havoc with our performance. The first few minutes is always a challenge for anyone, but tense moment could happen anytime during an affair and anyone, especially the inexperienced, is likely to screw things up.
  4. Lacking know-how or experience. If we do something over and over, we tend to become adept at it. But if we place ourselves in a certain task for the first time, chances are that we may make mistakes upon mistakes. Those who are old hand at speaking before a crowd had once gone through this. So making a boo-boo is something that we can get rid of if we are exposed oftentimes to this line of work.


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