Why A New Year's Resolution Is Hard To Realize

Why A New Year's Resolution Is Hard To Realize
Josh Fishy | 12-28-2015

You may be making resolutions a new year after another, but nothing seems to be making any difference. What gives? Below could be the reasons why you new year's resolution is hard to follow.

Making something is oftentimes harder than keeping it, but the latter can be demanding when it comes to a new year's resolution. That is, we always make a promise or two at the turn of the year which seem to hold us captive along the way to the point that giving them up is the only way out.

why a new year's resolution is hard to follow

Did you successfully follow through with your new year's resolution? If not, you should know the reason behind so that next time you can be a better person you want to become.

The habit we want to change has become a part of us.

Getting rid of a habit we grow up with is such a hard nut to crack so that life without it is like we were tanning our own hide. Smoking, cheating on a test, gambling to name a few are just some of those bad habits that die quite hard.

We want to do something we think not worth it.

We promise to start or stop doing something, but our brain tells us otherwise. This is what happens when we make a new year’s resolution. We start the year full of enthusiasm, but halfway through the year the fire burns out prematurely just because we can’t keep doing what we are not happy with.

The right time to change for the better hasn't come yet.

There are cases like we are compelled to turn our life around because others are starting to do so. However, just because people around us have turned over a new leaf, doesn't mean we have to follow in their footsteps. Before getting the change off the ground, we need to get the right timing first.

We worry a lot about losing our circle of friends.

We may have found a place with our buddies who are hooked on a certain kind of gambling for example that giving up on it is tantamount to losing our friends. Without the people we hold dear as well as living all by ourselves is so hard to imagine.

The change has taken its toll on our well-being.

Smoking or drinking with friends for instance is one way to get out of our daily struggles temporarily. Without that habit, we may not be better off and become more stressed-out instead.


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