What Your Boyfriend May Not Tell You

What Your Boyfriend May Not Tell You
Josh Fishy | 12-13-2015

There may be a lot of things that your boyfriend doesn't want to tell you. Want to know what they could be? Read on...

If you think your boyfriend tells you everything, think again. At times he tells about things when you're around but does another when you're out of sight or even he's just sitting next to you.

Below are only some of what your lover boy may keep in himself and doesn't want to tell you about at all, otherwise doing so may destroy you and your relationship utterly.

He likes your best friend.

He may not tell you this, but he's likely to do what he feels right for himself. Be on the lookout though for this scenario that your whole world falls apart seeing your lover holding hands with your bestie.

He's seeing another girl.

One of the most painful experiences lovers may go through at some point of their life is to learn that the one you love is cheating. And this sad truth is usually brought to light when your love goes deeper than you expect.

He doesn't like your parents.

Most girls don’t want a mere fling. It seems like it’s in their nature to get into a serious relationship. And when a woman does, she usually lets her guy meet her parents which sometimes makes the guy break into cold a sweat. When he likes your parents, he lets you know about it. But if he doesn't, he may prefer not tell you anything except that your parents are all right.

You're not getting any beautiful.

Girls are beauty-conscious. Some of them pull out all the stops to get more beautiful. But sadly, in the eyes of your boyfriend, you’re not getting any better every day. You may have your hair rebonded or have gone from a facial spa, and you think you look a lot better now, think again for your boyfriend, on the other hand, thinks otherwise.

Other girls are prettier than you.

He may be saying that he loves you or you’re the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, but whenever the two of you are on a date, he keeps checking out some other girls that happen to pass by. How many times did you catch your boyfriend’s wandering eyes? A lot of times probably. And this goes without saying that some girls are worth looking at than you are.

He's not that in love with you.

A love affair is a two-way street. The love you invest should bring in more of it between the two of you or else your relationship is bound to fall. The fact that he’s not that in love with you is something a guy should keep a secret as much as possible.

You looked prettier before.

You’re not getting any younger. And while he may be telling you every day that you’re lovelier than ever, what he thinks is the opposite.

Your sister is more beautiful than you are.

You are beautiful, but your younger sister looks lovelier. In such a case, any guy gets attracted to her even if she’s the sister of his girlfriend. Don’t worry though, because you may never know about it.

You're only his second choice.

It happens most of the time that a guy woos a girl not because he loves her but because he can’t get the girl of his first choice. Sadly, it’s hard to figure out a guy like him. And right now, you may be dating a man whose heart belongs to someone else.


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