Things we don't forget once learned

Things We Don't Forget Once Learned
Josh Fishy | 12-07-2015

We may have been taught a myriad of things in our lifetime and fail to recall a lot of them at the same time, there are things that we don't forget once we learn them.

Things we don't forget once learned

Below are some of the skills we may never forget unless something terrible happens to our brain.

Reading is one of the most indispensable skills one has to learn in life because being unable to read these days renders a person helpless. As matter of fact, even the blind are taught how to read so that they won’t be left behind in this information age.

Good thing we don’t forget reading once we learn it. In fact, those who dropped out in 2nd grade and never came back still know how to read even after many years have passed.

Writing our name on a paper for the first time was something our parents took pride in. Sometimes, parents regard their child as gifted especially when writing is learned earlier than most kids his age do.

And like reading, knowing how to write not only our name but also our thoughts is vital for us to survive in this day and age. While writing good letters and any other types of articles is for educated people, learning the basics is good enough.

When was the last time you write your name or any other words on paper? Without doubt, you did not pause to think how to do it.

Riding a bike

Riding a bike was one childhood hobby we dared to do again and again no matter how many times we fell over and suffered a scratch or bruise. It has been said that if one wants to learn how to ride a bicycle, he must be ready to see blood on his knee or elbow because none has ever learned this skill without going through physical pains.

If you think you have to relearn how to ride a bike after missing to do it in years, think again. Once we have learned how to ride a bike, we always know how to ride one.

Speaking the mother tongue

Mother tongue is the language or dialect we first learned to speak as children. Without much effort, we learn to be fluent in it by imitation.

Although young children tend to forget their native tongue once they transfer to a place where a different language is spoken, adults can hardly do it even after many years of not engaging in a conversation using the language they first learned.


Back in the day, going for a swim was one of the family events we looked forward to during summer. And learning how to swim was something we wanted to try so that we asked our dad or older brother to teach us.

You may have wondered if you still know how to keep your body afloat on water after years since the last time you took a dip. Don’t hesitate to try though because you won’t be drowned unless you do it in the middle of the sea.


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