Protect Mother Earth In Your Own Simple Way

Protect Mother Earth in Your Own Simple Way

Josh Fishy | 12-20-2015

Being a member of an organization that aims to safeguard this lone blue planet yet known to man is such a selfless advocacy. But anyone else can do Mother Earth a good turn by doing his share in the simplest way possible.

Making the following a part of our everyday activities, without doubt we can keep this planet ,that feeds and harbors us as well as a countless number of different forms of life, breathing and be able to hand this down unspoiled to the next generations and to many more ahead of them.
  1. Plant trees and grow them. As long as you have an open space suitable for trees to grow, this undertaking is such a satisfying thing to do. However, you don't only bed the young plants out and leave them there for they need to be taken care of to see to it that they grow normally and unharmed.
  2. Don't harm other lifeforms. Every living and nonliving things is part and parcel of the web of life so that if one is missing, in one way or another, the rest will be negatively affected. By simply letting a bird to build its nest on your backyard treetops or allowing a spider to hang around your flowering plants, your are already doing this planet a huge favor.
  3. Conserve water and electricity. Water is life. Without this precious liquid, life as we know it isn't possible to exist. Electricity, to the same extent, has become part of our life that a day without it living can get pretty ugly. You don't have to have a lot of common sense to figure out what could be the consequence if your dripping faucet remains unfixed or an electric fan keeps on running even without anybody using it.
  4. Reduce dependence on fossil fuel. Just because you have the money, doesn't mean you can use your vehicle unlimitedly. If possible, use your bicycle or walk your way to work in case your workplace is only a walking distance from home. Doing this doesn't only do the environment a great favor but also you are doing this to your own advantage.
  5. Minimize using plastics. Objects made of plastic can be found in every nook and cranny so that these non-biodegradables seem to have intruded into our life and living without them is unthinkable. But as much as possible, try to switch to using environment-friendly containers. When shopping, use native baskets instead of depending on plastic bags alone.
  6. Take responsibility for your trash. Throw your trash in color coded bins to segregate them properly. Progressive countries seem to have followed this quite responsibly, but developing countries find it hard to inculcate their people with the value of proper waste disposal.


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