Our ways of living: then and now

Our Ways of Living: Then and Now
Josh Fishy | 12-01-2015

Wow! Time has gone so fast. And it seems like it was only yesterday that everyone was so crazy doing something that has become quite unfamiliar at present like reading comics and looking forward to its stories or sending a love letter while dying to receive a response.

then and now

As we lead our lives in a fast lane, no doubt, what is trending now may no longer be the thing tomorrow. So while people are so engrossed in fads and fashion of today's generation, it might be better to look back at what were in yesterday and compare them with their equivalents today.

   1.  Wooing a girl one has a crush on or has fallen in love with
A guy would write a love letter using a perfumed stationery filled with human touch.
A guy expresses his feelings through text which is very impersonal, yet girls nowadays think it’s alright.
   2.  Keeping a copy of one’s picture taken at a very memorable moment
One would go to the nearest photo center to have his images developed and placed them in a photo album.
After the pictures are taken, one will post them on his facebook account and keep them there till he wants.
   3.  Buying or window shopping for any product
People would usually go to stores or shopping malls to choose and purchase what they need. Although this is still done at present, more and more people find comfort buying online.
If one wants to own the latest smartphones, he may take a look at their price on a number of online stores, click the “add to cart” button and wait for the product to arrive.
   4.  Showing off the size of the phone one has bought lately
During the advent of cellphones, people detested owning one that was so huge while proudly flaunted their pocket-sized device.
The bigger your phone, the more expensive it certainly is and the greater the chance everyone around will look at you with envy.
   5.  Spending time with the family
Family members gathered around in or outside the house for some fun things to do like storytelling, singing, and a whole lot more that kept good relationships among one another.
Everyone is so busy watching TV, playing video games or spending time with people on social networking sites. Making a conversation with the person sitting nearby almost never happens.
   6.  Choosing the type of water to drink
When one felt hot and thirsty, tap water or the one coming directly from the faucet was enough to clench his dry throat.
Almost everyone loves the taste of bottled water such as purified and distilled which lacks the minerals with which tap water is abounding.


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