Keys to healthy relationships within the family

Keys to Healthy Relationships within the Family
Josh Fishy | 12-05-2015

Healthy relationships within the family is of paramount importance to attain harmony in our society. Because having families ruined by one thing or another spells a society in complete disarray.

Healthy relationships within the family
Family is the smallest unit in the society. Once this unit is torn apart,
so is the society we live in.
While dreaming to live in a place where peace and order abounds or where love is shared among everyone is a wishful thinking, there's no wrong if we make an attempt at achieving it. And this means that we have to begin building healthy relationships within our own home.

So below are the keys, among other things, to healthy relationships among every family member.

Mother-father relationships
First and foremost, a healthy relationship should emanate from both the parents themselves for children usually follow the examples set by them.
At times, Mom and Dad are at each other's throats over some trivial matters. In cases like this, one must simmer down, otherwise any further unpleasant words would add more fuel to the fire. As it has been advised by elders, never leave any squabbles or shouting match unresolved till next day.
Never pass up any opportunity to go on a date like what you used to do before. Intimate moments like this does not only foster healthy relationships between the two of you but also sets a good example to your children who might do the same in their marriage life and to other couples out there as well.
Since parents are the ones who take the lead and set examples to the rest of the family members, it is of utmost importance that God should be put at the center of their relationship. Cheating, lies, mistrust, and the like are all but the devil’s design to tear the relationship apart.
Mother-daughter relationships
Children particularly the girls are more likely to be attached to their mother than to their father. This gives the mother a much greater responsibility to be a good role model.
Mothers do not always know what is right for their daughter. From time to time, they make mistakes that if not corrected, the relationship between them is left vulnerable.
It’s mothers’ instinct to be a nagger. While nagging your children about their misdeed makes them aware of it, doing so oftentimes may make them impervious to whatever you say against them. And so, your giving them an earful about their wrongdoing may no longer work as it is supposed to.
Building a healthy relationship is a two-way street. So, daughters should also play a part in keeping the bond in good shape. A thing like disobedience to simple rules could lead to distrust and much stricter set of rules in the future.
Mother-son relationships
Boys will be boys. And so, the type of discipline imposed on girls may not have same effects to them. The nagging may not work nor does corporal punishment if in case you’re not aware of the law. Talking over whatever has gone wrong with your son is the rule of thumb.
Most boys are outgoing and so they want to hang out with their male friends as often as possible. Since mothers can’t fill in the role of their son’s buddies to keep him stay at home, it is best if mothers could find time to get to know who their son is spending time with.
Mothers should see to it that their sons are taught to value women. This is made possible by making the little men in the house respect their mother. The head of the family can help that happen by setting the right example. But a mother should also do her part like showing love and respect to her boys.
Father-daughter relationships
More often than not, girls want to keep closer to their mother. But even so, daddies must seize every chance to mold stronger ties with their daughters. Being unapproachable or not willing to listen makes a bad father to a daughter who needs fatherly affection.
When a grown-up daughter begins to experience special feelings towards the opposite sex, she usually seeks pieces of advice from her mom. However, dads must also step into the picture and get involved. This doesn’t mean that they have to come between two lovers not unless necessary, but instead, fathers should be there to stand behind and listen.
Father-son relationships
Like father, like son so the saying goes. Boys don’t only look a lot like their father, but also acquire their old man’s behavior. To make sure that good manners are instilled in their minds, fathers should set themselves as good examples.
Dads should make quality time with their sons such as engaging in meaningful activities that they both share the same interest. Playing basketball or talking about it is one way to create a bridge to connect the gap between them. When love becomes the issue, fathers must also be willing to pay attention, narrate or show off theirs and their own fair share of heartaches.
At younger age, boys get closer to their dads than they do when they grow up. But this closeness can be kept if the bond between them never has the chance to falter. Giving in to some of the kids’ demands like playing with them, buying the toys they like, and all that are not always wrong as long as they are made aware of their limitations.
Sibling relationships
Sibling rivalry is commonplace in every home. But its occurrence can be lessened if children are taught to love one another. Parents should be the ones to show this in the first place and teach them to ask forgiveness and learn to give one as well.
Parents must be fair in their treatment. None should feel that parents are biased to one particular child. If this case happens, those who feels partiality against them will show rebellious streak towards the parents or brothers and sisters. Also, it is the parents’ responsibility to see to it that there is no competition between or among their children over their love and attention.
Blood is thicker than water which roughly means sibling have the same blood running in their veins. Given this words, they should know the importance of being brothers or sisters. Come what may, none is more willing to give a hand than your next of kin. Children at a younger age should be taught about the value of having a brother or a daughter.


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