Keep yourself younger-looking without spending an arm and a leg

Keep Yourself Younger-looking Without Spending An Arm And A Leg
Josh Fishy | 12-02-2015

If the fountain of youth were real, a multitude of people seeking to regain youthfulness would have flocked there day in, day out. And sadly if it existed, it would have been used up a long time ago.
Keep yourself younger-looking without spending an arm and a leg
The Fountain of Youth is a spring that supposedly restores the youth of anyone
who drinks or bathes in its waters. - Wikipedia
But whether or not this legendary place is hidden somewhere awaiting to be discovered, keeping yourself younger-looking can be achieved without costing you an arm and a leg or spending the rest of your life looking for the place that hasn't been discovered for thousands of years.

Although the following simple tips don't guarantee you to stay young forever, getting your hands on them is worth a try.

 1. Eat right.
  • Without question, the type and amount of food we take into our stomach reflect on our outward appearance. And if we eat beyond our metabolism can work on, we are giving our body an extra load to carry. On the other hand, if we eat less, we deprive our wanting cells of nutrients to function normally. Either of them, makes our body suffer. The rule of thumb is eat the amount of foods that suits your needs and get it from the right source.
 2. Exercise properly and regularly.
  • Getting your body to move is one way to release your stress which is one of the major causes of aging. In fact, those who are stressed out are years older than their age. But with proper and regular exercise, you can steer clear of the ill effects of stress.
 3. Get enough sleep.
  • Sleep is designed for our body to relax and reconstruct what has been damaged after a day's work. The recommended amount of sleep an adult should get daily is eight hours. Going to bed late reduces your chance to have a good night's sleep which is a lot like a punishment you give your body. What's more, your physical-well being suffers a lot. You'll be tired all day. Black and bulging eyebags hang below your eyes. If this keeps going for a prolonged period of time, you don't only look older than your age but also you're inching your way to your own grave.
 4. Laugh your heart out.
  • Laughter is the best medicine. Yes, it certainly is. As a matter of fact, science has proven that laughter can keep illnesses at bay. So, the next time you have the chance to laugh your heart out, grab it. And if you think you can hardly find time to laugh, try watching funny videos during leisure time at home or fake laughter to improve your mood.
 5. Don’t over-indulge in beauty products.
  • If a trip to a beauty parlor has become your habit, never overdo it. Beauty products are made from certain types of chemicals which some of them are harmful to your body if used repeatedly over a short period of time. They don't only disfigure your youthful looks but also ruin your overall health.
 6. Don’t be too na├»ve to believe in beauty commercials.
  • Commercial beauty soaps, pills, and the like are not a "one size fits all" wonder. If it works for some people, it doesn't necessarily follow that it can bring magic into yourself. Stop using a product that promises to summon up your former self back in the day or maintain your youthful glow, yet hasn't made any changes or improvements in your looks.
 7. Try going natural.
  • Tales have it that women in the old days had flawless and young-looking skin. While there's no way to prove it, it's only fitting to revisit what our foreparents did to maintain their juvenescence despite the absence of modern beauty wonders we have at present.

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