How To Win A Teacher's Heart Without Being A Suck-Up

How To Win A Teacher's Heart Without Being A Suck-up
Josh Fishy | 12-10-2015

Being the apple of a teacher's eye is what almost every student wants to earn, among other things, while in school. Though some students win their teachers' heart by sucking-up, there are those who do the same "flunk".

apple of one's eye

But winning a teacher's heart doesn't need you to behave obsequiously and act like you're an adversary in a real-life classroom drama. By simply following the tips below, you can get on your teacher's good side and get rid of your classmates' criticism into the bargain.
  1. Be polite -- As long as you are respectful and considerate of others, they tend to do likewise to you. And in school, no matter how uncompromising your teachers are, they would be conscience-stricken if they know they're making your life as a student a bit miserable.
  2. Be the best student in class -- Teachers love students who do their best in class. This doesn't mean, however, that you have to be at the top of the group. Showing enthusiasm in every task you undertake or taking responsibility for your studies in general is a means to win the heart of any teacher.
  3. Be honest -- After all, honesty is the best policy. We always look up to those who are honest and do not hesitate to put our trust in them. The same impression teachers have of their students who show the value of honesty. The next time you take a major examination in school or just an ordinary daily or weekly tests, don't be tempted to cheat or ask seatmates for an answer.
  4. Do your tasks without complaints -- At times, students complain about a simple project or task in school or that assigned by a subject teacher, chipping in for an activity, and all that sort of thing. It must be kept in mind, however, that every student has to go through, in one way or another, all this stuff. And so to exhibit your indifference or disapproval is not only so "unstudently" but also invites teachers to treat you with disdain.
  5. Participate in class as much as possible -- Back in the day, quiet classroom seemed to be an ideal setting for learning. But nowadays, we have what educators call "educational noise". Most teachers, if not all, wish to hold their classes with participative students. So, if you have some great ideas to say during a discussion but weak-kneed to stand up, you don't probably like to get closer to your teacher.
  6.  Help classmates who struggle --  It really pays to help those who are in need. Lending a helping hand to a struggling classmate is one way to impress your teachers. Just remember that whatever help you give will return to you a hundred fold. One of these returns is your teacher's respect and admiration.


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