How to pass an examination

How to Pass an Examination
Josh Fishy | 12-14-2015

One major problem most students have to overcome is how to pass an examination. Some students burn their midnight candle in order to make it through the mentally demanding day while a few, who usually don't take things seriously, find a seemingly effective ways to cheat.

burn midnight oil to pass an examination

But passing any tests or examinations is a piece of cake for anyone who knows what should be done. Following the tips below, you don't need to be afraid of any coming exams and also you can save yourself from possible humiliating embarrassment in case you get caught cheating.
  1. Listen attentively to the classroom discussion. Stop chitchatting about the trending gossips in the campus or on social media. Instead, pay close attention to your teacher so you won't be lost. Sometimes, teachers give a short quiz after their lecture and so you have to be ready. On top of being aware of what the teacher is talking about, you'll also gain prior knowledge on the topics at hand because for sure they will come up in the test some other day.
  2. Study you lesson in advance. It is always expected that topics discussed in the classroom will appear in an exam your teacher will be giving. Whether or not your teacher gives you a notice of the test the next day, it is always in your best interest to refresh your brain on the previous lessons. Doing this won't take you a lot of time because you'll only have to do your review whenever you're free.
  3. Expand your knowledge. Don't limit yourself to what both your teacher and your books provide you. Do your research to further your knowledge. Information nowadays is ever-present and a few clicks away as long as you have the means to access it.
  4. Take down notes. Make it a habit to jot down important facts shared by your teacher on topic at hand. Some teachers aren't bookish so that they include in their discussion facts that are not found in your book. It is always best to make a note because at times teachers like to test their students whether or not they lend their ears.
  5. Anticipate possible questions. This works effectively if questions are accurately picked and though doing so entails hard work, it always pays off at the end of the day. This can be done by making questions that are likely to come up in the test and answering them yourself over and over.
  6. Understand what you're memorizing. Rote memorization seems to be the order of the day come any examinations. Doing this is like what pre-schoolers do when reciting a poem or story. They deliver their piece extraordinarily yet they don't make any sense of what they are saying.
  7. Hold a group study. A group study comes in many ways. One of them could be in a form of games which is not only fun to do but also serves its purpose quite effectively. So the next time you have an exam, invite your friends to come over at your house for this exciting technique to pass an examination.
How to an examination? Simply follow the tips mentioned above and surely you will have a greater chance to correctly answer any question that you will encounter in the course of the exam.


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