Christmas without bonus forces us to stay at home

Christmas without bonus forces us to stay at home
Josh Fishy | 12-06-2015

Are you planning to give your loved ones the gifts they have been expecting from you, or have you set a schedule for a tour to a place you yearn to visit this Christmas holidays? Well, good luck then.

Christmas Bonus

But government employees in the Philippines might be calling off every activity that is lined up for this time of year if rumors were true that they would no longer receive their bonuses this Christmas.

Good for those who still have enough left in their take home pay for everything will go as planned. But those who are heavily in debt might be forced to stay at home and celebrate Christmas in the simplest way possible.

Going out with our family or loved ones, buying things we wish to own or give, and preparing foods for the noche buena are but great activities to do this time of year. However, without the Christmas bonus received while living in a tight budget, we better stay at home to avoid post-holiday debt woes.

Nevertheless, we can still celebrate Christmas the way it should be. The spirit of sharing and parties would still go on, but not as grand as they were in the previous years.


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